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UKAZ Forum Rules

Welcome to our new forum. It is our intention to make this a friendly and relaxed environment for our members to spend time and build up a database of knowledge to help like minded people and those new to the sport. We are not in competition with any other sites and as such welcome members from other forums.In order to achieve the above, there must always be some rules and regulations. Don't worry though, we'll keep them short and sweet.
  • Be nice to people. Treat others how you would like to be treated. If you cannot or don't want to be nice, please use another forum.
  • We encourage adult debate but be mindful of the above. If a post oversteps the mark, use the Report button instead of taking it into your own hands.
  • Keep swearing down to a minimum and use in the correct context - Remember, not all of our members are adults. This goes for content as well folks.
  • There will always be an element of Moderating on the forums, most of which will be done fairly and without fuss. Our Moderators are volunteers and only act in order to help facilitate the smooth running of the forum. Please respect their actions and decisions. If you have concerns with how you have been moderated, please discuss it with the Mod in question in the first instance or with an Admin if neccessary. Each case will be looked at without predjudice. (see points 1 & 2 above)
  • The Admin and Mod team are members as well and are entitled to their own personal opinion which may or may not reflect the opinion of UKAZ. It would be nice if members could differentiate between a Mod posting as a Mod or posting as a Member.
  • Be sensible with signature sizes. There are no hard and fast rules. We'll let you know if there's a problem and give you the opportunity to rectify them.
  • No duplicate or additional accounts please for whatever reason. Contact our admin email address HERE for account issues. If you are removed from the boards it means you have overstepped the mark and in that case, we wouldn't want you back. We consider duplicate accounts to be (but not exhausted to)- accounts created due to lost passwords or usernames, banned, suspended or deleted accounts. We reserve the right to remove or edit any post, image or member without warning or explanation if we feel it's in the forums best interest.
  • If you have any problems, concerns, gripes or suggestions etc, please discuss with us prior to ranting and raving publically.
  • Please read our classified rules found hereThe FPS limits found within these rules also carry over to discussion's of RIF's across the board. Discussions of FPS over these limits will result in your thread being closed and/or removed.
  • Retailers are not to poach business from anywhere other than within their own retailer forum.
  • Our most important rule is the one of Common Sense. If you apply that, then everyone will be happy. If you lack Common Sense, work on the "If I think I've done wrong, I probably have" policy and again, things should work out.
Enjoy your stay.UKAZ