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The UKSF L119A1 Thread (inc SFW)

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Well my original 119 build has sat in the garage for the last few years I decided to put it back together. Keeping this one a bit plain but unsure of optics yet.


Was just going to add my DIS and LLM when I find them.


Added some new bits to the original build (dragon red traded upper and lower). New barrel sleeve from warlord, new fore sight, genuine KAC quad rail with KAC rail covers and down grip. Genuine Diemaco sling loop.


Not had a chance to test it yet. Now added to the collection of my Recoil cqb and LWRC build.post-365-0-23767800-1471700515_thumb.jpg


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Greetings....I've not had a chance to see who all is on this thread, but I just thought I'd introduce myself. I've been a pretty active member of the Facebook L119 Owners Club group and several other Diemaco and UKSF groups for the last few years. My preference is almost exclusively Gas Blowback weapons. Here are a few pics of my L119A1 builds

Andy's L119A1 Back in Black (4).JPG



Andy's L119A1  (3).JPG

ANDY GHK L119A1 Stripped 01.JPG

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