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      Classified Rules - Please read and Digest

      Classified Rules   United Kingdom Airsoft Zone Classified Rules - Active as of 13/10/2011   We have set up the following rules for the Classifieds Section. These rules may differ from rules on other forums used so it is essential that you take the time to read and digest them in order to facilitate the smooth running of the Classifieds. The area will be monitored by our dedicated Mod Team as well the Global and Admin Team. Failure to read and abide by them may place you in our bad books as we take the Classifieds seriously. No Commercial adverts/posts/responses (whether on the threads or via PM) - the Classifieds are for members to buy and sell their surplus unwanted kit, not for retailers to poach business from - This includes members who buy in bulk (in excess to what they actually need) to sell the remaining items on AND those who carry out custom work. Individual members who can offer specific services (i.e.: custom kit) should contact the Admin team to discuss prior to any advertising.
      We recommend that all sales take place by over 18's only - with the nature of the internet we know this is impossible to enforce so be sensible.
      Please do not advertise links/picture's to sales elsewhere or where a user requires a login to read/post/buy/bid (i.e. eBay, auction site or other forums). By all means advertise your stuff elsewhere but what we don't want is "See my sales thread on XYZ etc" or "Pictures can be seen on XYZ" and then you need to register to view. If you're going to use our classifieds section, do so fully and add the details of the sale.
      Please ensure your thread titles are clear, informative and reflect what you are advertising. It should be clear from the thread title alone what is being offered/asked for without having to open the thread to look. Please make use of the Bulk Sales area if you have multiple items for sale which do not fit into the one specific category. Threads with poor titles may be moved into the bulk area or removed from view altogether.
      Do not duplicate threads. If you make a mistake, contact one of the Mods for the section and they will assist. Starting a new thread because you forgot to add a photo/information and have missed the edit window is not a good enough excuse - simply add a reply with the details.
      Our FPS limits are set at the following maximum limits and are not up for negotiation. This includes the Appraisal section:
      - AEG's (capable of fully automatic fire) - 370fps /1.3 Joules(using .20g BB's)
      AEG's with a MECHANICAL LOCK TO SEMI AUTO - 520fps/2.5 Joules (using .20g BB's)
      - Gas pistols - 370FPS (using .20g BB's) regardless of Gas type used (please state which gas was used to get the reading)
      - Bolt Action Single Shot Gas/Spring Rifles - 520FPS/2.5 Joules (using .20g BB's)
      - HPA systems and CO2 systems must adhere to the forum limits and the LAW for FPS limits
      Members found to be selling or buying RIF's which are over the legal limits will find their access to the classifieds removed without warning. There will be no "strikes and you're out" applied, simply break the law and you lose access. We do not condone, nor support, illegal actions. This also means that we will support any legal action by Police and provide any evidence required as a part of their investigation.
      Two Tone IF's (inc transparent) or their component coloured parts are not to be advertised (bought or sold) on our Classifieds/forum - This extends to Two Tones/individual parts sprayed to cover the fact they were once Two Tone.
      Sales offering to Two Tone RIF's prior to sale/dispatch are also not allowed.
      Other items not to be sold/advertised here include: (not an exhaustive list)
      - Paintball markers and associated items (gas bottles, ammo etc)
      - Knives/swords (excluding multitool types i.e.: Gerber/Leatherman)
      - Blank Firing weapons
      - Air Rifles/pistols
      - Radio systems other than PMR446
      - Any item deemed as illegal in the U.K i.e.: Pirate/Copyright material
      - Pornographic material
      We'll remove threads and let users know if they post anything that we deem unacceptable if it's not listed in the above paragraphs.
      Please keep the classifieds clutter free. Only post if you are interested in buying or are replying to a wanted thread and offering the item in question. Do not use the classifieds for general chit chat about the item (that's what the Technical Hub is for) unless it is sales related - for example, you want clarification on something prior to making an offer . Doesn't matter how helpful you think you're being, questions in relation to the item should be left for the seller to answer. Posts from anyone else will be removed.
      Sellers can either ask for "Offers" or a specified price. Only the seller can quote Retailer prices - If the price they are asking is too high, say so and barter. No one like's to be told publicly "I can get it for X from Y"
      PayPal fee's need to be factored into the asking price. Threads requesting PayPal fee's to be added/gifted/money owed etc will be removed - see here
      Only 1 bump a day please folks. Updates/adding pictures? Yes, but shameless bumping? No. If we feel an update is a masked attempt to bump, we'll simply merge the last two posts.
      Don't poach from other people's threads. If you want the same item, start your own thread. It's not ethical.
      If you see inappropriate content/behaviour, use the Report button. Don't take it on yourself to get involved.
      Please do not redirect wanted posts to retailers/ebay/other sellers. Primarily the Classifieds are there to benefit members and not retailers - we don't want this area to turn into an advertising forum for your favourite retailer.
      Be sure to check other pinned topics in each forum as they may contain other important information.
      Don't be surprised if your thread/post is removed without an explanation if it doesn't fall in line with the above rules.
      Please make use of the Feedback system at the conclusion of the deal. If a user gets 3 Negative feedback ratings within a 6 month period, access to the Classifieds will be removed for 6 months. If after getting access back, they get a further Negative rating, access will be removed permanently. UKAZ Admins reserve the right to remove anyone's access at any time at their discretion and without reason if they feel it is in the forums best interest. ​
      Any unjust feedback/retaliation can/will be removed. Take it to PM's or the unresolved section if you disagree with feedback left.
      Members can open/close their own threads so please don't ask for a Mod to do it for you. Close your thread when you have sold or sourced what you were after. See here
      Sales threads with no activity on them for a period of three months will be closed. This is due to the amount of necroposting that has been going on. The ORIGINAL POSTER can, if they wish, re-open the thread if the item is still available.   Most importantly, the classifieds work on trust. Use it but don't abuse it. If there is a problem with the deal, try to resolve it via PM in the first instance and then, if required, start a thread in the Unresolved Deals area. Do not comment in the original sales/wanted thread.   Deals conducted on UKAZ are at the risk of the individuals concerned. UKAZ, it's owners or staff are in no way responsible for the outcome of any such deal and no claim can be made against them for any loss, whether financial or otherwise.   These rules are subject to change without notice and we suggest you check back regularly to ensure you are up to date - not knowing them is no excuse.   Amended 31-01-17 - Update of FPS line with Police and Crime Act 2017
    • Warrior

      Closing your own threads......... (Updated 26.9.12)

      There is yet another increase in the amount of "Mods please close" posts in threads.   This only proves to us that people are not reading the rules and announcements when they join.   The Admin/Mod team does not have the time, nor the inclination, to spend trawling every post to see if there's a "please close" comment.       Close the threads yourselves. ANY thread that you have personally started you CAN close/lock and if required, subsequently re-open if required.       You can close your own threads, providing you started the thread.   Look at the bottom or top right for a box saying "TOPIC MODERATION" and click, you will then reveal "LOCK" Press that and job done!   Conversely if you want to unlock a thread, the same process should be followed up to where you see "UNLOCK", press that and again, job done.
    • Beaker

      RIF Sales in Bulk Forum

      RIF's are NOT to be sold in the Bulk Sales Forum.   Please keep all RIF sales to the relevant sections. Any thread with RIF's for sale will be removed.   Thanks
    • Beaker

      UKAZ Patches Now available.

      The Official UKAZ Patches are now on sale.   Please see HERE for details.   Thanks
    • Beaker

      Paypal Fee's and the Classifieds

      It has come to a point where the trend in the Classifieds asking for either Paypal fee's to be added, payment sent as a gift/money owed or a higher price being quoted to use Paypal over other methods has become an all too regular occurrence.   Now at some stage a lot of us have been guilty of doing this, however it is against Paypal's terms of use both for private sellers and retail merchants.   It has been overlooked for too long and to protect our users and ourselves, this must now stop. Having your Paypal account restricted/funds frozen for a breach or in the case of money owed/gift, it leaves you with no dispute procedure or buyer protection should the deal go wrong. Neither are ideal situations.   As of 0001hrs on 15/06/2012 all future Classified sales must adhere to this. Failure to do so may result in the thread being removed, without warning.   You will need to factor the Paypal fee's into your asking price/what you're willing to accept. Please do not quote different prices for different payment options. The only exception should be on postage if collection can be arranged.   Of course, we still recommend that payment/personal details are exchanged via PM and not posted for all to see. What you chose to do between friends/team mates or people you've dealt with before is up to you!!!   Should you wish to alter existing sales threads, please contact a Mod with the relevant link and I'm sure they'll be only too happy to edit it for you.   This may not be a popular move but whatever your views on this, if you intend on using Paypal as a payment option you need to abide by their T&C's and ours alike.   Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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