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  1. There are relatively few pics online of the launcher that show the attachment in any clear form. The best I saw made it look like a throw lever clamp was used to attach to the ris. I suppose that in the absence of either a machine shop or a genuine one to copy the majority of the conversions follow the same route (give or take) as mine (now Louie's) and have some sort of ris clamp modification. Having never seen another conversion in actual real life, I'm happy that mine is good enough. The main thing being that it has survived being skirmished as well as cocking about/adding atmosphere to scenarios with TLSFX mortars. As for launching TLSFX mortars (sorry for the off topic diversion mods), the tube inner diameter is stepped so the first 4 inches or so is fine but if you stick the 'mortar' further in it gets wedged. Then the blast shoots down the UGL and out of the gap at the base, where it side loads. This blast then singes most of your ginger pube like beard off, as well as scorching your glove and the side of your gat.... Solution is a training round which is a tight fit into the UGL, totally inert and seals the gap. Oh, and selling it to some other ginger bearded fool....
  2. Both my G&P RIS are rock solid though. My CA one is too, at least the upper bit is. There's some play between the 2 parts though. If you can't get the gas tube in the right place you need some shims behind the delta ring so that the 'indents' sit in the right place for the gas tube to align correctly. Making sure the front end cap is secure against the gas block can help too; some have a screw tht goes through the cap into the gas block, it may be worth a few minutes work with a 2mm drill and a small self tapping screw...
  3. Royals, if what I've been told is correct.
  4. It's a modified g36 one, can't remember exact brand. It us mounted to the ris, which is how the real ones are but its a homebrew mount. Sight should be a few inches further forward but I'm using the mounting point I have atm.
  5. Finally got round to fitting my UGL, had it for over a year! Needs a lick of paint though....
  6. Should be easy to file a groove in the sling plate for wiring to pass through. I've done it umpteen times.
  7. He's got a plate which is very similar to the correct Diemaco one, not sure what brand it is. (I know because I did the rewire for him!)
  8. Guy with MP5k is me, that PTT is an old one I was running whilst waiting for my Cougar setup to arrive. Big boxy thing I got from Talking Headsets....
  9. Go on then, a few from our first photoshoot. CD will probably be along with some newer ones with more complete kit...
  10. Couple of bad picss of my 16", will get some better ones up & some of the 10" when I'm on my desktop not my netbook. But now with added: Classic Army/G&P base gun with PerrMike barrel, Army Code gas block, real Surefire Scout light, genuine Diemaco sling plate and genuine Doctor/wing mount combination.
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