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  1. Played with a few more today. Standard 16" with UGL ACOG with wingmount, Standard plain 10" with acog and wing, P229, MP5K with folding stock, remington with folding stock and torch grip. Minimi and a 417 set up as an assault rifle 16" Ris vortex (maybe surefire) flash hider and 4x acog with wing mount.
  2. Black in colour, I can't say from that pic if it was or not. It was about 3 maybe 4 inches long, large objective lens maybe 2 inches wide maybe a little more.
  3. Played with a SFW and 417 today (SFSG) couldnt take pictures but the SFW was the usual 10" with ACOG wing mount peq 15 afg, surefire scout and suppressor with old school stop. The 417 Also had an 4x acog without wing mount and some type of magnifier maybe thermal sight/in front (it wasnt something I had seen before). 20" rail, and 7.62 surefire suppressor, harris bipod and tan peq. They were also using the P226 over the Mk4 glock.
  4. I think you have too many RIFs let alone too many L119's!
  5. The only 6 shot replica I can think of is the CAW. Friend of mine has 2 and they definitely strike fear into anyone against them. Since no one has seen any photo proof I would suggest one then when a photo does appear modify to suit. Although I would think it would be similar to what the americans are using. Edit: Its worth noting not all HK weapons are listed on their site, their underwater pistol isn't, for example.
  6. Clean 16's were used up until recently (I say this as like all things it takes a few months to filter out) with SFSG and Pathfinders, both of which use similar kit (if a l little less gucci) than the other guys. PF were photo'd with 16's just a few weeks ago but its a lot less Paraclete/Crye gear than you may want. Edit: After ages of looking... 10 Dec 2013
  7. SHouldn't be a problem unless you set the hop to high then it'll bounce/shatter down the barrel.
  8. thomas_zee I would say you are correct if you're talking about present day. As the weapons have been in the armoury longer they have had more modifications done to them. 10 years ago all L119's seemed to look identical with the influx of aftermarket bits you can add onto M4's they have naturally filtered across onto the L119's.
  9. L119A1's arnt as sell able as they used to be mines been up for the last 6 weeks. All the accessories went pretty quick (in fact you have the suppressor) but the rifles still sat about.
  10. It was either on the old UKAZ or maybe ASCUK a google of Airsoft aw50 may bring up some cached pics it was less of a guide more of a brief description. From memory it was lots of plastic card and piping around the original barrel/chassis rather than a candyman style project. Not the one I was thinking of but a quick google revealed this based on an Star/Ares 338 with aluminium machining. http://www.airsoftsniperforum.com/29-gallery/5423-gallery-custom-guns-dobey.html If you decide to do this/want a separate AW50 thread let me know and I'll split it up appropriately.
  11. It would've been phased out like it was in the rest of the army as the new 7.62 version in the AW-98 iirc, which you wont really see either as the .338 is preferred, and why wouldn't it be. The AW-98 may have been a quick acquisition thing. The majority of snipers I've talked to say you don't even have to think about the shot at 900m its point and squeeze type stuff. Easy peasy. There are photo's of the AW.50 being used as far back as Iraq, before the .338 became as prevalent. The L96 was still used then of course, but like most things SF get first go! I mean the Mk7 is basically an AC900... I'm sure there are still 96's in their armoury today as it is more of a collection of firearms from all walks of life from all ages that everyone has the code for... In short, the 96 was used by normal troops during TFB so why no SF... In Sniper one although they call it a Barrett its in fact a AW.50, you could risk getting a 338 and argue the SF got them first. Or you could risk getting a L96 and argue SF still used them. If you really want to be balls accurate get either and convert it to look like an AW50 (its been done before) then no one can argue with you as there is photographic evidence of it being used in Iraq by the SBS. Sorry for the slight tangent, I crossed era's without thinking about it and had to bring it back...
  12. Best I should stop advertising you then Thinking about it, I have a mate who maybe able to do this...
  13. Perr Mike shortened my barrel for a good price. Give him a PM.
  14. Although some of these have already been answered. There maybe a few crane stocks out there but if you're going for instant recognition avoid them. PEQ-2's for that era would be better and are still about today. For early 00's Get the 4x acog and either use the irons on top of it or a DIS, there the off pic of 552's being used back then but the dates arent solid enough. Probably more 05 TA01 ACOG is the one, the others werent seen until later when the Regular Army started getting them. For early 00's get a G2 and a scope ring. The famour pic of the guys captured in Iraq this is what they were using on 10" SFW's. Ref pics. Its hard to see but this is the type of kit they guys were suing in the early 00's (Iraq). Unfortunately I can't find my higher res image of the G2. Obviously you've got your bloody hero pics too. Edit: Remember that the Osprey wasn't issued to our troops untl 2006, meaning this: Shows that in 2006 our SF still wasn't wearing multicam so if you're going for an early 00's avoid MC like the plague. Which we know started getting issued towards the end...
  15. Not necessary but I think it is a defining feature.
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