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  1. Id be up for a mount and sights when you've perfected them.
  2. Yeah thats CAA, FAB Defense do a few as well. I do folding Vert Grip / Bipods.
  3. The vert grip bipod you mean, its simply a Gripod.
  4. Nice work Jay, though as you have two switchable uppers I don't think you need do D.I.S. you should give one of them to me.
  5. I know where you can get a real one for £30, if that helps.
  6. Yeah I was simply saying thats the first one i've seen with non of the key L119 signatures, if an air softer built that n claimed it was a 119 there'd be a string of no it isn't's.
  7. Well just saying the barrel looks like 10.5" as its visible between the can and the A frame. All the other details aren't normally all seen on one gun but would be easily available, so its possible.
  8. Doesn't look like it, the barrel looks like a 10.5" for a start. Then the sight, magwell grip, pistol grip, stock and sling plate. They are all possible on an SFW, but all of them, leaving no SFW Classic parts? Reckon it's an M4 myself.
  9. What are our boys doing, getting way to Gucci.
  10. Well bugger me, er hmm actually no don't! Missed that off to investigate, quite surprised seems a bit gucci for our lot.
  11. No evidence of red dot equipped pistols of any sort being used.
  12. You'd think some enterprising custom shop would have thought of it.
  13. Items like red dot sights and CTR Stocks etc could easily be obtained in theatre so are fair game, plus there great bits of kit for airsoft.
  14. The one thing in it's favour is it has the trades.
  15. Yeah I know it has, I'd like to get the lot done as acurately as possible.
  16. Tarte, your inbox is full mate. Hi mate any chance you could send me a copy of the pictures of the sight markings and any other L119 markings you have pictures of. I have a laser traded Colt Body on mine at moment and want to get the correct trades applied.
  17. Would need to ask someone who has one. RS cost £65 ish, so if you can make em cheaper than that they should sell quite well.
  18. Considering the beet up look of gun suppresor could do with the same.
  19. I am on about the wing mount for the ACOG, though they also do them for SUSAT and several other sights.
  20. Spoke to them the other day, they said order through shop.
  21. For anyone looking for the Mini Reddot Wing Mount the real issue item can be ordered through any gunshop from Shield Firearms & Sights. The cost is about £60, bit pricey but it's the real deal. Edited because Red Bull not only gives you wings it also makes your fingers faster than your brain!
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