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  1. Good effort mate. You going to do the front sight aswell?
  2. The ACOG is a TA01 ECOS, has the BUIS on side you can just make out.
  3. Put a pic up and I'll confirm, I need one myself but not worth effort getting more made
  4. The extensions I used to knock up were 5.5" plus thread and 6" plus thread. You're aiming for 16" plus the thread
  5. Jpoint's are all but gone on ACOG's in fact I believe the TA01's have/ are being replaced but I can't remember by which ACOG model. New dot sight on them is the Trijicon RMR.
  6. The tape won't do anything except to keep the dust/ dirt out.
  7. Yes there is, it's pictured earlier in this thread or in the load outs thread.
  8. The Gen 4 Glock 19 is currently issued. I believe it has replaced the P226 across the group already. Pic of my WE Gen4 19 with the current on issue G19 holster.
  9. Yeah they're LA5's not Peq's. Externally it's pretty much just the zeroing knobs that are different.
  10. My old one was a snug fit. Sounds like the wrong type...
  11. Meh, not bothered by trades myself, they look good though. I may get Warrior to trade up my next Jtac gbbr purchase though. And sticking up the subject of C8 GBBR's.... No trades to worry about. I like how the paints come out pattern wise but the colours are awful (halfords camo paint). Picking some Krylon up this weekend hopefully so I'll redo do it.
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