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  1. extra safety a bloody stupid idea - the sigs dont have a safety on them and we get by just fine!
  2. The Aussies have traditionally favoured the US ALICE pack, they have there own auscam Modern take which is literally covered in pockets and uses the Downeast 1606 MOLLE frame - a smaller ALICE compatible MOLLE frame . You can see these online and also in the previous show about the SASR selection. Unclear what packs are used on the clip you posted but i do know that a deal has been done between US Pack company Mystery Ranch and Oz company Crossfire to supply Mystery Ranch packs to the Aus SF. I was told it was the 3 day tri zip, the SATL and the Tactiplane.
  3. The guy in dessie kit with auscam tape - his vest is a SORD LAMG vest .All of his pouches are also SORD. There was a time when the SORD kit was quite popular with that lot.
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