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  1. Aye, I'm definitely more instinctive shooting long arms leftie, I guess we would both be more proficient on our less favoured side if the incoming rounds were FMJ Sling now shifted to the right I've even sorted my Avatar.
  2. Thanks guys, yep there's always something else to do Good Point Iceman re the mounts, although I've got it slung for a rightie I'm actually a leftie, (apart from a pistol when I go rightie again) so need to swap the sling attachment, double benefit would be the weapon slung left which leaves my pistol clear on the right. Glad you pointed it out. Of course you should be comfortable shooting leftie and rightie unless you only ever make left turns in fibua in which case you should be un-slung.
  3. I think my L119A1 10" is finished, all depends on what you folks think as I'm not an expert by any means. I was aiming for a mid generation build so although I have a wing mount I'm not sure if I should use it, also not sure on whether I should have gone for a PEQ-2 rather than the PEQ-15 LA-5.
  4. oops sorry Here's a free digital copy of Airsoft International magazine, there's a group test of most of the SA80's apart from the cheapie Army Armament version (which I have) http://www.ai-mag.com/free-airsoft-international-issue/
  5. Here's a free digital copy of Airsoft International magazine, there's a group test of most of the SA80's apart from the cheapie Army Armament version (which I have) You might as well have a read. FWIW I'm happy with my Army Armamentversion and again for what it's worth here's a feature on making the G&G version (and as such the clone Army version) more reliable. http://www.scribd.com/doc/10160989/G-G-L85A1#scribd
  6. Ok I said I was going to leave it but I've found out that I was wrong well partly, maybe The 351 was indeed used in the Falklands, apparently the 1st use was by 2 Para (not saying they were the only ones) and I've found a photo that backs it up in the book "2 Para Falklands, The Battalion at War" In this case the antenna is indeed on the right hand side as the set has a SURF unit fitted, again clearly seen. Interestingly the Radio Op appears to be wearing the earlier Steel Para helmet rather than the M76 Composite helmet, it's fairly distinctive as theedge of the rim is dead straight rather than curved.
  7. I've just picked up another Cyma M4 to build a n L119A1 10", I went for the regular length M4 RIS this time for a variety of reasons where I went for the shorter CQBR for the 16". That sounds a bit strange but it works out better that way. The shorter CQBR allowed me to fit the Begadi barrel extension for the 16" but meant the inner barrel was a short CQBR version. I fitted an Army Code 10" barrel to the regular M4 and swapped the inner barrels around. I can however use the longer inner barrel on the 10" if I keep the suppressor fitted. In the pic below I've fitted the 10" upper to the lower I had built for the 16" shown previously, still waiting for parts to complete the 2nd lower. I ordered another Butt Pad & Sling Plate from Warlord Tactical, another DIS from Begadi and 2 x G&P M4A1 Stocks complete with stock tubes as the stock I currently have is a bit loose on the Cyma stock tube. I had to modify the G&P Storm grip to fit the Cyma receiver so this time I've gone for the Guarder version to see if it fits better. Also waiting for a 6" suppressor and an LA-5 ATPIAL . The Army Code 10" barrel caused a few problems, basically it's between 10" and 10 1/2" so with the foresight fitted where it was meant to go on the barrel there was a gap between it and the RIS cap. I had 2 options really, 1. fit the RIS and slide the foresight tight against the RIS cap and hold it in place using only the grub screw below the sling loop, that meant more of the barrel protruded from the foresight. 2. place a spacer between the flange at the breech end of the barrel and the Delta Ring to push the RIS up tight to the foresight which resulted in only a couple of mm of the barrel protruding from the foresight. As it is I've gone for option 2. I had to trim the 556-212 flash hider that came with the suppressor to get it to fit on the barrel and then trim 5mm off the threaded section of the barrel to allow the flash hider to screw on fully. With the suppressor fitted there's about 2-3mm gap between the end of the suppressor and the foresight which AFAIK is ok, I don't think the suppressor touches the foresight on the RS L119A1 10" versions anyway. Still need to paint the barrel, flash hider and foresight where I've removed the bayonet lug. 16" Upper, Long Inner Barrel for 16" or 10" with Suppressor fitted. Shorter Suppressor Ordered. Too Long Suppressor, Chopped Surefire 556-212 type Flash Hider.
  8. Yeah mine is slightly different then, the bottom screw is actually hidden by the trigger guard which is why I have to loosen the barrel clamp and slide the Rail forwards (after removing the sling mount, forgot about that) I'm I bit taller then at 5 10, slim with long arms, I could move the LLM to the side, I hadn't really thought about that, something to try tomorrow
  9. Yeah there's plenty of space under the barrel for Lipo or LiFe but in the end I went for a smaller battery above the barrel as I couldn't be bothered taking the DD rail off, it's a pita on my Army L85, I have to open the top cover, loosen the barrel clamp, slide the rail forward, remove the screw at the front of the trigger guard etc. I did have to remove the dummy gas regulator to fit the battery but made a dummy that extends forwards of the gas block but doesn't extend back into the space below the top cover, at least not as far as the stock one. How do you like the L85 in general? I find mine is very butt heavy and with the LLM-01 fitted the front grip is a bit too close to the pistol grip for my liking, seems like my hands are too close together. It's not the best handling gun I've used but there's something about it if you know what I mean p.s. Where did you pick up the Spectre?
  10. Nice scope, just when I fit the proper scope they switch to a different one What battery are you running and where do you place it?
  11. Not convinced, sorry but I'll leave it there
  12. I still think it isn't a 351, it's too slim for a start, no wider than the battery, the end of the 351 overhangs the battery which isn't the case in the original photo as you can clearly follow the line of the battery and radio at the extreme left where it's clearly contrasting against the sky, also there appear to be strengthening ribs in X form on the end facing the camera, the antenna is in the wrong place, there's no way it's mounted on the rear left of the set which is where it should be on a 351.
  13. I agree it is a poor quality photo but it's good enough to see where the antenna is mounted and to see that there are no connectors on the end of the set facing the camera That said I can't identify what the set is
  14. Look again, the 351 has 2 sockets for the connection of the headset plus 2 sockets to connect the SURF unit on the side facing the camera, (Right side as worn) plus the antenna connects to the opposite side. In the original photo there doesn't appear to be any sockets on the side facing the camera and if the antenna was connected to the left side it would appear where I've added the red line due to the angle of the photo. IMO not a 351.
  15. To be honest that doesn't look like a 351, it's sitting quite far off the frame and the end of the radio facing the camera doesn't look like a 351 compared to mine. That said mine is currently on the 'Carrying Frame, Electrical Equipment' the lightweight frame rather than the GS Frame and has the SURF and Amplifier fitted which adds considerably to the overall height, the one above only has the radio transceiver and battery. I'll post some pics later but from the angle in the above pic the antenna looks in the wrong position for a 351.
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