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  1. I just loosen the front sling mount, remove a screw just infront of the trigger guard and slide the rail forwards then slide the battery into the rear of the dd rail. more awkward than it needs to be but not too much drama really. I don't know if the construction is different on the ICS or what but i find the gun to handle ok. But then i was used to carry the real steel for 6 years in the reserves lol. I fiddled with the position of the grippod to suit my arms and find mine comfortable But i'm only 5'7 but fairly broad, but can imagine some guys who are taller or have longer arms would find it a tad awkward. Could move your grippod further forward and side mount your llm. I got the spectre from patrolbase. Its locked to 4x on the optics, but you have the red dot on top and a ironsight on one side to boot.
  2. I run a 9.9v 1000mah LiFe battery Mehringer. It fits perfectly in the section under the barrel on the dd rail. Gives around 7-800 shots a battery which is the only downside, so you need a few to get you through the day (i used 2 all day yesterday).
  3. Finally finished my afghan spec l85a2 on saturday. Ics l85a2, upgraded hop rubber and bucking.6.03 barrel. Madbull Daniel defence rail with ics adapter kit. Ant supplies foliage green ladder covers Nuprol llm Real steel grippod Ant supplies sight rail with WE 4x 'Phantom' spectre dr sight with swiss arms bb shield Beta project m75 round mags with genuine magpulls.
  4. well today i got my hands on this baby. Needs some tlc to bring it up to afghan spec. But atleast i wont be running around with a m4 anymore!
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