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  1. MRDS equipped 226's as well I think .
  2. Is that code for, "I can't find the correct front site and lower receiver" "can I still call it an SFW?" Without those details, it'll just look like another m4 with a weird barrel IMO .
  3. Doubtful , most clones run bigger, and the design of the CPC doesn't lend itself to making much smaller tbh. I'd say try before you buy on that one, especially as it's a clone.
  4. Or maybe there's just as many people starting a 16" build as there is finishing one, I see alot of mikes barrel extensions on the second hand sales, so there's enough in circulation that buying a new one isn't as critical. Missed a trick Mike, should of made them with a 12month shelf life or biodegradable ,
  5. http://ant-supplies.co.uk/Pages/SA80ACOGMount.aspx http://www.rsov.com/product.php?langId=1&currencyId=1&manufacturerId=10&prodId=13743&cateId=191 Couple of places that google bought up.
  6. Probably just the poor light making it look gold, or a cheap ass haji paint.
  7. Found it, -14mm thread , sent you a pic.
  8. I've got a vortex flash hider you can have, maybe you could fit a collar on "for the look " I'll dig it out and check what thread it is first.
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