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  1. If you google Airsoft Engraver he can do it for you. I'm about to send him mine to do.
  2. After some advice please chaps. I'll state up front that i'm no techie, i can change the battery and fill the mag but after that i'm lost! I'd all but given up on trying to find a receiver but came across a Dragonred one in the AEG Accessories for Sale forum. Where i'm not sure is: - he's "taken some off" the upper but says it still works with the lower. Will this pose a problem? - it'll replace the existing CA M15A4 RIS receiver, will that be ok? What sort of price do you think is reasonable? He'd settle for £55 posted. Much appreciated!
  3. I got my Guarder recoil pad last week from Wolf Armouries, fits my CA M15 a treat
  4. Easy transaction, good comms, quick delivery and well packed.

  5. Cheers for that, have ordered one. Is the SA80 sling the right choice?
  6. Hi, Would appreciate some advice on what would be a suitable sling plate to use. Cheers Rob
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