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  1. Stop sand and shit getting in at a guess. Was discussed at length ages ago. Can't remember where in the thread though.
  2. Looks mega mate. Acog, peq and mags look a bit spankers but tis nice!
  3. http://www.ukairsoftzone.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/10-Modern-SAS-SBS-Impressions Second to last comment mate. Think the poster put it in the wrong thread.
  4. If you look back through the whole thread you will find that about 90% of the guns on here have a PEQ AND a scout light.
  5. SRR defo have MP7s and sill use MP5s pretty regularly too. Seen them in their armoury and been on the ranges with them too.
  6. Theres a huge thread over on ARRSE about the painting of rifles and in the latest KIT mag its mentioned in there now that it is now sanctioned army wide, apparently armourers are meant to train the blokes and then they do it themselves. I cant see the point in painting the whole thing tan though. The whole reason it was brought in was for cam and concealment and a big block colour just doesnt do that. Completely defeats the purpose of spraying it in the first place. I do think i may get myself an L85 though. got all the parts i need for a modern conversion, RS shit too. ACOG,Rail, Grippod and FH. Cant bring myself to sell them though.
  7. Magpul Tan ladder rail covers they are, and issued they are also. Comes with the WEK (Weapon Expansion Kit) which includes the DD Rail, Grippod and four lengths of the rail cover.
  8. Looks nice mate! Just need to change the stock really. All the bits are there. Is that an Army Code foresight? Or you gone mental with the milliput?
  9. Well the one from SOLO is 70 bucks or i could get one of the blokes to get us one from the states when they go over in a few weeks. i also had a look at the KAC website and they sell seconds for $150 which aint bad. PM me with how much you reckon. Im not desperate for it at the mo its just something im looking at for a possible upper receiver build. Cheers.
  10. Anyone know of anywhere else other than SOLOint i can get a RS RIS unit from, my google fu is shoite and always comes up with airsoft unite or ones in the land of the septics. Cheers lads.
  11. Yeah my bad 16" is what i meant. Massive brain fart! been at work since 3am!
  12. Yeah 19" comes out at just over 480mm so i was thinkin 460 would be closest just wondering if anyone knew of anything closer as i cant seem to find one.
  13. Alright lads. For all the blokes using a WE GBB for their base build, what length inner barrel are you using for your 19"? The only ones i can find that are close are 460mm (bit too long) and 440mm (bit too short) Cheers in advance.
  14. Just a quick headsup. I saw 2 TA01NSN ACOGs in the armoury this morning. (the ones with the iron sights on top, no fibre optic) Just in case anyones interested. They werent attached to anything, just sat on top of their respective PELI type cases. Ill try and get a pic next week (im on leave til sunday now) Also this was just a random ENGR Sqns Armoury with nothing other than the normal L85/L86s and minimis.
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