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  1. Thank you chap. It was an Inokatsu, but has had quite a bit of work done to it.
  2. My L7A2 GPMG Both in the light and SF role of the SFSG.
  3. I would like some advice please. A couple of things really, firstly I have noticed on some airsoft versions there is a Diemaco symbol on the back face of the charging handle, is this correct to real steel or are they just blank? Secondly is the Guarder Large (storm) grip. The Guarder one has trades on the sides and was wondering if this is correct to the real steel or are the plain G&P ones more accurate? Thirdly have any attachments been used like non standard charging handle latches or extra large mag release buttons or is everything as a standard? And finally the barrel markings just in front of the front sight on an airsoft barrel, are they on the real steel or only added to the airsoft versions as most the reference pictures I have don't really show if there are any markings there at all?
  4. Other than the LLM01 and the SF M600c, what other flash lights are used on the SFW version?
  5. yes it is from NZ, the picture is of the New Zealand defences forces who have now swictched from their 5.56 minimi's C9's to the new FN Minimi 7.62mm TR (long rail version)
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