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  1. Just sprayed up my C8 and started weathering it back for that 'leet' look! Has come on quite a bit since I last posted! Outer Barrel and Foresight are away being trimmed down hence why its in peices! Just need a Doctor sight and a descent PEQ15 and it'll be done!
  2. My C8 is sorted now for Copehill next weekend - Had it rewired to the stock with a mosfet as well since I last posted, and obviously added the surefire as well
  3. Was looking at getting myself one of the LLM01's was just waiting on someone to reccomend it! Just out of curiosity was going to krylon my gat in the next couple of weeks just tan with snakeskin effect in mid brown and OD, is it worth taking the gun apart and spraying each section seperately or could I just cover up any openings (dust cover, end of barrel etc) and spray over without risking any of the internals? Many thanks.
  4. Cool, guess if Im going to do it I might as well do it properly and get the stock tube, will a stock G&P gearbox run an 11.1v alright or should I stick to 7.4's? (only just started using LiPo's and only have a 7.4) Definately wiring it to deans though
  5. Sounds like rewiring is the way to go doesent seem like I'll lose much in the way of battery size and carriage and changes of battery will be much easier and more practical! Dilemma I'd be facing running a LiPo in the handgaurd is speed of battery change would make things a hassle which would be especially annoying in longer games.. Thanks for the help
  6. Just a quick question in regards to battery setup.. Im currently running my C8 front wired with a peq battery box on the top rail but I hate how it looks... How big a LiPo can you generally fit in the stock tube? And is it practical having it wired to the stock this way for skirmishing or does the battery have to be swapped out too often? Just curious as I've been thinking about rewiring it to the rear since I first got it. Thanks in advance
  7. Aye, the lug has to go.. next thing on the list to do, and the barrel will be done in the near future also.
  8. Cheers for the kind words Corrigan, my thoughts exactly tis good to have options I reck. Danny I've seen that said an awful lot actually about cable tying the stock pad! Just seems as if it'd be awful hard for it to accidentally go missing in a skirmish because it clings so snug onto the stock, guess its probrably worth cable tying it anyway rather than learning the hard way lol.
  9. Tbh I'll probrably keep the extras on the shelf for the most part once I have them.. more for peice of mind that I'll have them if I needed! I Love the DIS it came with though.. well worth the extra spend.
  10. Got this about a month ago now: Not finished how I want it by any means (though I do love keeping it simple) still waiting on an ACOG and Peq box and might get a can for it.. let me know what you reck
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