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  1. Thanx BA, still though I´ve some doubts that it´s just marketing. The info and pics on the site are just available since a couple of months, and "Upgrades" for other nations they mention there are now issued. As far as I know the MoD had announced a Mid Life Upgrade for the L119 a1 in 2013, estimated cost of £2.8 million. So this could match. Still though I would agree with you that this isn´t a final proof for a L119 a2 as long as one hasn´t seen any. However, some of the "Upgrades" mentioned there seem to incorporate features and accessoires one can allready see on later L 119a1.
  2. Don't know if this was posted yet , but I just checked the Colt Canada site and found this. http://www.coltcanada.com/upgrades.html "L119A2 United Kingdom - L119A2, Standard Carbine & CQB Upgraded from L119A1" Anybody who can confirm a L119A2 in use yet ?
  3. thanx mate, Interesting...no silencers ? Getting curious now...may I ask if they where used like DMRs and u´r sure it was uksf ?
  4. Interesting issue then, as I have "build" myself an " SAS what if" SLR ... adding a top rail and an ACOG, course that´s what I´d do if those where still in use. As I said - even more happy if they really are... These where my first attempts...looks different in the meantime. However, those you saw didn´t look like "mine" by any chance ?
  5. Well as much as I would love to see the L1A1 in use "again", I doubt it as there are more sophisticated 7.62 rifles in the inventory. You do not have any reference pic ? NZSAS was reported to use some.... http://www.milsurps.com/images/imported/2011/06/nzsas-1.jpg
  6. That´s the PDW. The M6 is available in 10,5 " as well. It´s just that the rail upper combo really reminds me of the LWRC one. https://www.lwrci.com/p-101-m6a2-556-uppers.aspx
  7. You think it´s the LWRC that was rumoured ?
  8. Hey , thanx for this ( to me) new pic, mate
  9. I've never seen another! I'm currently building exactly this one;)
  10. Well, not exactly HK but how about this one ? It´s a JG http://begadishop.eu/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=407_413_420&products_id=7690 To safe on shipping costs just for the stock, you could get a D.I.S. there as well if you want one. Currently the only available replica http://begadishop.eu/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=407_413_420&products_id=7400 Edit: http://www.airsoftoutletnw.com/jg-m4-car-15-adjustable-stock alternative US supplier for the stock
  11. Lots of speculation here, isn´t it ? The 7.62 vs 5.56 discussion is existing since ages. It was brought up again due to that daily mail article (i guess) some time ago, saying SAS would like to get 7.62 rifles instead of 5.56 as the later would lack the stopping power and range - compared to the AK47 on the oponents side. Don´t know if this "request" it´s true - I´ve my doubts. This is because we all know that both calibers have their advantages and disadvantages that are highly dependable on the the mission or environment you are fighting in. As a matter of fact UK special forces were amongst the first using the 5.56 caliber in NATO. They wanted it for good reasons - and the AK was always the weapon of choice on the other side. However, when required in the past (like NI) they had the opportunity to use 7.62 rifles like the L1A1, HK G3 or FAL Para etc. And if current information proves to be correct, their seems to be quite an amount of HK 417 assault rifles (7.62) already in service, fulfilling the need of a lager standard caliber when required. I could indeed understand a possible need for more 417 for the Stan theatre. Afaik it seems "they" are also trialing the 300 blackout round, which could be the perfect compromise being a relatively light round with excellent stopping power. Using 300 Blackout would also just require minor (and reversible) modifications to existing 5.56 weapon systems like the L119A1 or even other possible future AR based systems.
  12. Actually I would agree with AK that it's a 417. However, other countries like NL have introduced a newer C8 version, but mostly to replace their C7s. I personally doubt that the IUR is such a major improvment over the current SFW versions to consider a complete switch to the IUR.
  13. Guess in airsoft it´s a matter of personal preference. Actually I do prefer the DIS whenever possible. Call me oldschool but I prefer ironsights especcially in CQB. A DIS still allows a correct L119 appearance Many coppied optics are not really helpful as correct aiming device Some china clones I tried during the years, couldn´t even be propperly adjusted.
  14. what´s the 3rd one ? So two more for your to make, Mike
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