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  1. Some of the Black Kit Team. Team Shot: Me in Complete and accurate 1990's Kit: One of 2 Ex 22 SAS SP TEAM Range Rovers we own: Some of the vests I have had: Later Circa 2000 Trooper with ISPL VEST:
  2. Many of the 30+ that have been through me have had them in some form, the rear mag slips out the back.
  3. The mags fall out of that slip, shock cord or a zip tie loop kept it in. Some guys even made later style plastic cups out of black nasty.
  4. If i were a betting man, Id say let it go.
  5. Well hold your horses, They have a few of them but they are a bit dusty, had an issue with them and went back to L119A1. Mp5 has been fielded on the ground recently too!
  6. The reason why the scrim/snake effect is used - as it disrupts Night Vision Devices - to a small degree of course. What utter rubbish! The US Grid NV Clothing was obsolete before it was even fielded, actually it was proven to make you MORE visible on GEN 3 Stuff. Its done because its easy and is effective as a camouflage.
  7. People i hang out with say 416 no, 417 yes.
  8. The flash hoods weren't really used all that much, hood up and helmet looking at all the pics i have.
  9. I have a genuine issued TD Grip, solid as a rock on my kwa ris.
  10. Believe who you want, i really have nothing to prove.
  11. My Effort: Both KWA M4's with PM Barrel, SF flashider, genuine DIS, Genuine Dr, Tango Down Grip, 2 x Scoutlights, Storm Grips etc.
  12. First off, no mention of 417? Mp5 is still being used for MCT. Horses mouth and all that.
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