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  1. Very little abseiling done nowadays, its a recipe for disaster (as the Embassy proved) Ladders can go up 3 floors. Why wear crap that not's needed basically.
  2. Right, I have seen another picture from the set Swaffield posted. 100% nothing to do with us, far east unit. I'm not going to post there other pic as my contact has requested it remain out of public circulation but to be honest, with all that armour and stuff, it looks shit anyways! Touche but i can diet ;op
  3. Guy on the right looks like a middle aged balding bachelor to me. The one in the middle is looking the heat though!
  4. UK Police then, just doesn't look very British in kit or even setting to me
  5. Look American to me. PASGT lids, Oakley boots etc and the back drop, kerb, building materials used. Possibly a TWAT team?
  6. Modern take on it all: Ive not heard of Black RAVS anywhere near anything cool though.
  7. They are odd ones and seem to fit nothing!
  8. Not enough armour for that sort of job I wouldn't have thought. They tend to use the sohpc for vehicles and choppers etc
  9. Well my third build has gone out the window, finally bought a new RIS and grip for a Fagpulled up Sopmod i bought ages ago, doesn't feed, doesn't stop when out of BB's and Im pulling back on the mag to make it feed. Basically going to split it as I can't be arsed with it. Front sight is wobbly where it had some gay as Troy thing on it, so missing the bits needed to keep it still, waste of £350 plus the new £100 RIS! Stick to my 2 KWA versions i think!
  10. Don't think it is a PC, looks like a warrior TMV so its whatever they copied?
  11. Green if theyre supposed to be operation Nico9's The training 6's are blue mate And I have the stickers for them!
  12. Yep, the 53 had taken over but there have been issues with it.
  13. Genuine pic? The 800 is basically the Helmet worn by people with massive headsets like ground crew and motor born stuff. Ive certainly never heard of it being used by them?
  14. Ive got a full set of Platatac stuff coming soon!
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