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  1. It's called having a laugh! Calling something gay isn't homophobic aiming remarks at gays would be! And besides our site gays would be the first to say I'm no homophobic, I love gays!
  2. You looking gay doesn't upset me at all lol x
  3. Depends on the eye relief i guess, don't forget some people have non mag red dot ones but you are right, looks gay.
  4. I very rarely play in the woods, they know I'm coming!
  5. Was on there when the guy gave it to me, guess he wasn't fussed about the noise of the ring over kicking in doors and whacking terry!
  6. Systema Max 2 with Real steel K.A.C RIS, DIS, Stock, Stock Pad and Sling Plate. Storm grip and Prime L119A1 Lower. Massive thanks to Russ at CS for the build! Real steel Surefire flash hider to follow.
  7. Yes, yes i would lol x It looks like a leather grain in the plastic almost, it's not here otherwise id take a pic.
  8. Ive got one of the textured stocks going on my new build
  9. You can't go but the pads as they fit whatever, the twin straps is the giveaway
  10. Anything you need from Platatac just ask, I speak to the owner every other day, much of their stuff is special projects and not listed on the website.
  11. I've got a set of navy, leave it with me x
  12. Not like any of them are weedy! Ive been past the base, very very low key!
  13. I might be able to get you one, not massively cheap though
  14. And a different barrel, fore-sight, grip, stock.......
  15. Post embassy but we have never been able to work out if/when it was used. Commanchio Group used them iirc, possibly. A
  16. When i asked, that was what i was told. Doubt its a spray pouch, they tend to use guns for that.
  17. Assaulters ISPL with M4 Mags for Diemaco, triple Nico Flashbangs, CT5 and an MBITR. Super:
  18. I might do one Monday for a laugh, would prefer to do it with a Diemaco though i think, need to make sure the ISPL and that weapon crossed over time wise.
  19. My latest part of the collection, a Regiment issued ISPL Vest. Different from the Police version, lacks the top velcro panels, has a fixed MBITR pouch and another on the right. Slip for plasticuffs and the hook knife and a nice clip for a CT5. Super!
  20. Nice 21 mount would set that off a treat!
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