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  1. My L119a1: Systema base, Prime Diemarco Lower, RS Stock, Peq2a, KAC RIS,
  2. There was rumour from HK that another batch was coming although the person i got the rumour from in hk is badgering me for my spare one!
  3. Supposed to be but some of the blokes I have chatted with hate it, Sig will be around for a while yet. Can get 2 Glocks with cans for the price of a bare 226!
  4. I talk with the owner of the company on a daily basis.
  5. Its not it's suitability more its actual use, I've not seen any evidence of them being used across the group. This is the problem with UKSF kit, out of 600 blokes, 5 get to try an Airframe and all of a sudden its UKSF issue!
  6. They prefer the 10" and the extra range aint worth the bother, I've seen pics of the armoury with all the 16" uppers wrapped up going nowhere. A 4 times a cog is hardly a sniper optic, blatting people 200m away with a 10" is all you need, red dot on top for close stuff and an aptial for nv work.
  7. They pretty much only use their 10" blasters nowadays, with a 4x acog usually, I've not heard of the spectre being used but thats not me saying it isn't.
  8. A mate took this picture for me, Prime Lower and a Diemarco Upper for colour comparison.
  9. Mine are genuine KAC rails and a Standard Kwa one.
  10. Body changed on the Longer rifle, re painted, which took less than 1 minute:
  11. Why not add a SF genuine light? lol you have a pop at my lug but forget its got a genuine stock, ris, handle, sling plate, but pad and a trades body! PS Genuine Surefire on other side x
  12. Correct but I can't be arsed to trim the barrel and I've not got round to doing the sight.
  13. My SFW painted by current UKSF Member exactly how he painted his last one used in Afghanistan. Good enough for him, good enough for me! Good bit further back than the original post but still you're right, quite far forward!
  14. His previous picture would be impossible To get an eye close enough to the optic to see through it.
  15. It's not that I approve or dissapprove or have the right although I can comment which is what I did lol If you're trying to build an impression of a particular weapon then specific details are the devil. A 4x acog would be pointless that forward, now using a red dot for Airsoft is understandable but if you're pretending it's a 4x the first thing someone will notice is that it's too far forward.
  16. So they would sell us Stingers but not rifles.....?
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