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  1. Bit off advice please ,i have a g&g top tech 2 which is being slowly converted into my new 10inch sfw , is the lower compatible with say a dragonred sfw body ???
  2. Just picked up sa80 with susat for 120 and it works , need a ugl for it now ,where have they all gone?
  3. Finally got a silencer , not exact but close enough, after I mod it , it should look good,i hope
  4. That is nice cd , think I will paint mine now
  5. Cheers mate, im well happy with it and a big thanks for all on this forum reading this thread page to page ,i wouldnt have been able to do it with out all the information on here , I thought I knew my stuff till I came on here,, well done all
  6. Sorry to double post ,but heres one that includes flash hider
  7. britkit usa have them , thats where im gonna get mine from
  8. anybody know where i can get a ugl from , cant seem to find one
  9. thanks for that mate, will pick one up tomorrow then i will post pics
  10. hi there, almost there with my sfw , quick question , is iit a standard flash hider, cheers
  11. they also have them at ant supplies , i think there about 25 pound
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