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  1. It is defiantly a 351 by the looks of it. You can make out a wire coming from the right (as worn).
  2. Iron sights will be used in hot humid climates such as jungles.
  3. with the flash lenses fitted doesn't it make the eye holes larger? could of stretched them? not sure im only going from pictures as ive never had a set of flash lenses.
  4. Ah yes that's the one I have a vision king one. Cheers for the heads up ill get one orders Here's mine so far
  5. Wasn't mine, Ives till got mine Nice lot you have there. What scope do you have on the 417 and how's the doctor sight fixed on? I've got a similar scope can't remeber the name, and I'm after a doctor to go on too.
  6. The TA01 has a BUIS on top of it...... If not what's wrong with the doctor sight???
  7. http://www.insighttechnology.com/l3-products/an-peq-15-or-la-5-peq IR laser Visible laser IR illuminator
  8. Well for your "accurate early replica" the only sights you have the option of are a TA01 acog or a DIS as that's what it's issued with. All the pictures from afghan when it was first used indicate this.
  9. It still wouldn't look right. The frame is too small and the frame has a built in rail at the bottom.
  10. I modded an ares one and isn't too difficult if you have the tools and are competent with a tap wrench and pillar drill.
  11. Blackhawk strike sling Or there is a recent pic of a Blackhawk retention lanyard used with a karabiner.
  12. It's built for maritime ops I believe as obviously it has the zip on life jacket around the neck and leg straps, but there's the whistle and also buddy line which are generic to all british military life jackets and I suppose it makes sense as ispl do make them as far as I remeber.
  13. It doesn't need to be special, it's a nice little touch to find things like this inside surplus kit, as you always wonder what it had seen
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