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  1. Actually it's the M600/M600U you'll want, not the M600V which is a later model!
  2. You've identified the main aesthetic differences of the LA-5. In terms of a functioning reproduction you have two main options: element or FMA. I went with FMA for pure aesthetic reasons. Definitely go for tan which is the colour the units were issued in. Not sure about visible laser colour - I went for red. For the light is go with an M600V as these were also issued. The AGOG you've linked looks good, just avoid anything with a red dot and opt for 4x optics instead.
  3. Mostly natural wear. I stripped quite a bit of paint off the original stock and ACOG and did dust the rifle very lightly in some tan krylon at one stage but, again, decided to remove almost all of the paint to allow for a more natural look.
  4. Well done mate - it looks great. I'd definitely try and source a nice TA01 replica (no need for the wing mount/RD with the 16" barrel) to round it off. Otherwise I'd say you're pretty much there.
  5. L119A1is the UK designation for the Diemaco C8SFW both 16" and 10" variants. I didn't mean to confuse by interchange them. I was just pointing out that the 16" (generally seen in the hands of SFSG lads) don't tend to have the RD sights as they are not intended for engaging at shorter distances. Mike knows more than most about the kit that is used, especially when it comes to recent developments, so I'd listen to him
  6. Older CQB´s only had the ironsight on the ACOG. RD comes later. Mag-wise. PMag´s seem to be more popular than EMAG´s. Also, the regular steel mags still seem to be rocking. Cheers for clearing that up Tarte
  7. If you're building an SFW then I've only ever seen them with the older TA01 style ACOGs - and unless you're going for an SFSG/pathfinder build, then yes, the wingmount is typical of all CQB L119A1s I've seen (please bear in mind I don't have any direct knowledge or experience - just a keen interest). I'd say EMAGs are fine for any post 2009 impression and it shouldn't matter what other accessories you're using. The EMAG is very popular across the board for its lighter weight and strong construction. DISs are not generally used (unless operating in humid climates, apparently). The lads are issued with TA01 ACOGs with JPoint style red dots and wing mounts, as well as EoTech 552s. Aimpoint sights are also popular with the CompM4 making a few appearances. Regular M4 flash hider is fine but most will use the surefire for compatibility with the 556 suppressor. Here are a couple of snaps of my L119A1 which is about as accurate as I could get it (no EMAG/PMAG sadly as it's an Inokatsu build):
  8. The MOD signed a contract for Magpul to supply EMAGs as a UOR in 2010. The lads probably got hold of a few before then though.
  9. Sorry to ask in this thread, but does anyone know where I can pick up a decent JPoint/shield replica mini sight for mounting on a G19?
  10. Cause everyone totally wants to be Hip with the present kit... I wasn't baiting, promise
  11. Why do you want one? From what I've heard they are the first part to get binned/shelved in favour of optics. If I were you I'd save up for a decent TA01 ACOG or EoTech 552 replica, or go for a more modern look and pick up an Aimpoint CompM4 and magnifier.
  12. I think Jay is right - I can't find a detailed reference pic of a peq-15 in use, but there are plenty of LA-5s on display.
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