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  1. Cheers mate, glad you like them. Its always good to mix and match hobbies. I got a tip off from FunkycHUNKY about a company that sold them for £65! the website is http://www.project-x.../ar15m16m4.html but the impression I got was that it was a 'when we can find them' basis
  2. Hollywood, I like your idea with the paracord, i'll do that mod now Finally got something together to show you guys. Can't omit the fact that Gorilla build the thing though! DIS arrived in the post this morning so its pretty much how I want it, without some wear and tear. Probably went a bit overboard with the editing ahah.
  3. Paint job looks great pumba, i'm aiming to achieve a similar look at some point. Quick question about slings - I remember reading that the issue slings are sometimes used. Am I being dim or is there nowhere to loop the front end through as the sling loop is underneath the barrel, not parallel to the body?
  4. We don't need ANOTHER thread on the 'L119A1'. We have this one and that's all we need Point taken, i'll have a record available at PM request should it be required!
  5. Thanks very much. Again, all great advice to be commended. I'm going to do a blog with pictures and videos so everyone can share my experiences and failures from start to finish; i'll either do a thread and update it regularly or just post it as a full 'L119A1 Project'. With regards to the barrel, to save money i'll probably lob the .5" off the existing and re-thread it. I'll contact Perr_Mike about the thread sizing. Duly noted about the bayonet lug, forgot to mention it. Do the replica M600C's have press-to-activate grip switches? Also, going to get me a healthy amount of sniper tape! No doubt I will be running to and from the forum crying about some error or another. Other than that, wish me luck guys!
  6. Hi guys. First off, can I say a big thank you to all who have posted on this thread; loads of great advice and great pics to gain inspiration from! I am ready to start thinking seriously about getting my L119A1 up and running, for which I have been saving furiously for. The look I am going for is the 10" Suppressor set up and I am starting completely from scratch, don't even have my donor weapon yet. It would be great if I do parts list and to have some feedback about which brands are best and weather they all fit together etc. Weapon From what I have read, G&P is the way to go. Would you suggest getting a CQB version and using the RAS from that? Reciever G&P / Guarder / Dragon Red? Preferably, I would like the L119A1 trades but am happy to settle for the C8 trades. Do all of these recievers fit the G&P's? Barrel Obviously 10". Pro arms? Or if I go for the G&P CQB, could I just mod the existing barrel? Suppressor I'll get my name on the next convenient batch of Perr_Mike's 556's. not too sure on which flash hider I would need though? These are the main areas that I am not completely sure of, any advice or comments would be fantastic. Other than that, i'd get the larger pistol grip, vert grip, guarder butt pad, peq-15, acog w/ doctor and wing mount. Anything i've missed? Thanks again, Will
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