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    I do love a good cuppa with ginger nuts.
  1. What make is the lwrc, Sir Spike? Thinking of getting an aeg and that suits the bill (been sticking with gbb's for the past five years).
  2. If you've measured the barrel extension (with a ruler) and it reads 6", then ignore what it looks like next to the front site of the m4 (with the 14.5" barrel, it might be that the front sight of your m4, sits slightly forward and that's why your extension looks smaller). Some barrel extensions were/are for a 10.5" barrel, but if you've measured your extension (and it is 6") it will be too long for a 10.5" barrel (most m4 CQB barrels are only 10.5" and not 10"). Go by what your extension measures out as and not what it might look like (I made that mistake).
  3. Sorry, meant the suppressor/can. You'll either have to trim the flash hider, or get a new flash hider. Edit:- just checked the rsov link and it's the same (minus trades).
  4. Here's another link (uk based and without trades):- https://jdairsoft.net/accessories/silencer/sf-6inch-quick-detach-silencer-black-inc-flashhider-ccw
  5. I posted this in the wrong thread, should have out it in here:- Trying to source a flash hider for a G&P barrel (clockwise). Would it be easier to have the barrel re-threaded (to counter clockwise, as I have a flashier for that). It's so I can put a can/suppressor on my L119 (work in progress), as I already have the can/suppressor and a flash hider (it's a counter clockwise flash hider).
  6. Yeah, it's what I thought. Basically not worth it, cheaper to buy a bog standard M4 and buy the necessary bits from there. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Now, I might get flamed for this but what the hell. Saw this today (whilst browsing):- shop.ehobbyasia.com/g-p-custom-c8a1-aeg-l119-1.html#.U2pZ7om9LTq It made me think, is this in use by British special forces? Friend of mine is thinking of string it and was wondering what he'd have to do, to make it legit. Or would it be best to just get a basic aeg/gbbr and start over? Appreciate any input/advice. He's looking at doing a post 2012 impression.
  8. Warlord Tactical are supplying DIS now too. I got the begadi one, but am tempted by the warlord tactical.
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