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  1. All of my logos are centred over the slot. Cant you use a small spacer/washer so when you tighten it up it creates the "+".
  2. 552's and yes there were CQB uppers as well.
  3. I took part in a small exercise in Poole a few months back and the 2 L119a1's which were used had Eotechs fitted, along with PEQ 15's, Pmags and one had a magwell grip as well.
  4. It depends if the groove to the rear of the flash hider is wide enough for the bearings to fit into when the sleeve is twisted to tighten it.
  5. @ Big Dog, thats the same size as the big dragon version mate. They are both 170mm from end to end. Few pics of what i did, can be moved else where if needed. Took just over an hour to mod it. I just need to shorten the tube by 1/2" and it will be the same size as the RS suppressor.
  6. Thats the one mate. I just need to take 1/2" of the tube to get it to the correct length. By modding the inside you can make it fit other flash hiders as well. Will sort some pics out later.
  7. I bought the ACM version of the madbull suppressor and initially cut off about 1cm off the part of the Fh that screws onto the barrel, because as stated the thread doesn't start in that part of it. It looked gash when you took off the suppressor, and had to swap the FH for a non butchered one. Then i decided to use a rounded file on the inside part of the suppressor that the FH slots into. Now it fits tightly and locks onto the new SF 556 style flash hides. If anyone fancies a go themselves i can post some pics up.
  8. Not really that bothered about the trades mate. You have to be real close to see them anyway. And tbh most people you play against won't even know they are the wrong trades unless they are into SFW's as well. I have access to cheap G&P C8 kits but never been tempted to change the body just for the sake of trades.
  9. I was taking the piss, i did it myself? And i am in the senior service.
  10. Finally got around to completing my TM SOPMOD project. Painted by current member of HRH's senior service while waiting to be served in the NAAFI queue! DIS is a different pattern as its off another SFW until i find another to replace it. The barrel will be chopped to correct size when the barrel chopping fella is back in the UK.
  11. Are you using the CA sport line barrel? If so there are a couple of grub screws that attach the thinner part of the barrel to the thick part that sits in the upper RX. If these are done up too tight you will have snags getting the inner barrel to fit in properly, as the metal is really thin there and it puts a small bulge on the inside of the barrel stopping the inner barrel and hop fitting correctly. Also if you want to make it into a proper 10", then trim .5" off the thin part of the barrel and put it back together. easy fix. If as you say it looks like the outer barrel appears to be 1mm too far into the upper, then remove the outer barrel and add a 1mm washer/split ring around the end of the outer and replace into the upper RX.
  12. Ive finally sorted my 3 out. Only waiting on an ACOG to turn up so i can replace the Eotech.
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