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  1. Think most go for the guarder one , I did straight fit no mod'ing .
  2. Latest incarnation of my TM socom Based it off this one
  3. I've got a second gen one and it's an absolute corker . It's running around the 350fps mark (so a nice 335 with .25s) only down side would be I need to feed it on 11.1v lipos (sluggish as hell on 7.4s) and I can just about squeeze a short 1300 stick in the batt compartment , so if your at an active scurmish you'll need two batts for the day .
  4. I use Star140rounders in mine (the metal ones) nice fit no wobble and feed without a problem .
  5. I've fitted a 7.4v 2600 lipo crane stock in it in the past , but now I run a a 9.9v 800 LiFe in it (both fitted under the barrel) hope this helps .
  6. Coolio , I've got a 10inch on it as is , plus I've also got one of mikes extensions , result !
  7. Do like Arne , must put my socom back to its L119 format , changed it to a 733 'look' back begining of the yr when I was running a GW1 load out .
  8. Ah fairy muff , yup do believe its19mm
  9. This what you after mate , the one to mount a SUSAT on a standard ris ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Weaver-Picatinny-Adapter-L9A1-SUSAT-Rifle-Scope-/121091715584?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c31a0f200
  10. Here you go matey ; http://www.rsov.com/product.php?langId=1&currencyId=4&manufacturerId=10&prodId=13743&cateId=0 Edit , Piped by the Pie !
  11. Just a hint lighter and its made hell of a difference for me , realy liking it mate . well done !
  12. Bit on the dark side ? Got any pics against some vegetation to see how much it breaks up the shape , first impression just seems to be a lot of heavy brown on it . Just curious .
  13. Changing the flash hider ?
  14. Cheers matey , you've been an incredible help .
  15. Cheers bud your exactly what I wanted ! Some one who's actually done it ! Quick question for you , do you remember what 11.1v batt it was ? Mah and C rating if poss please . Greatly appreciated good sir .
  16. Was a 25c :-( No big for me if its painted or not (if it gives even the minutest amount of tactical advantage for not seeing the gun for that extra split second , go for it ) A friend in fire and rescue was telling me ages ago about his armour having apoplexy when they brought there weapons back in and they'd been camo'ed , he reckoned the reaction wouldn't have been any worse if he de-flowered the guys virginal 18yr old daughter ! He'd done it as they'd been to a recovery and the guys there had all painted there guns and as stupid as it sounds his black against there's really really stood out (one of those things that hits you when it's laid out in front of you ?) so him and his team promptly painted there L85s ! Just shows as has been stated the way different units in force the policy on it .
  17. It does run on a 7.4 (i used a 2200 cranestock) but it was a bit sluggish and it did lock a couple of times on semi .
  18. Question to any one running a G&G L85 , what lipo you feeding yours ? Have just bought an AFV (thanks for the above post Mighty , now have to get a new flash hider!) any hoo there's much confusion on t'net about wether to run it on 7.4 or 11.1 lipos to the extent one retailers says "we recommend running it on a 11.1 lipo " then next breath says " BUT you will invalidate the warranty" ! so any one with actual experience please help out a confused Welshman !
  19. Scarily good mate (I'm an old b*****d and I remember seeing guys tooling around Brecon looking just like that when I was a 'wee' new recruit in Sennybridge back in the early 80's) get a pair of NI gloves would set it off a treat , I'd also say as you look very 'northern Europe OP' to me change the boots for some kind of full leather ones (something like German para boots or Lundhags if you can find them) . But all in all looking good to me .
  20. Ha ha who you kidding ! we're NEVER done ! Looks like a nice clean fast load out . T'is looking good good sir .
  21. If your not willing to import think your well out off luck matey , got one a couple of mths ago and couldn't find one in the UK for love nor money , got it from Ehobbieasia in the end .
  22. Cheers guys, all input greatly appreciated .
  23. Quick question for the more Knowledgeable on the forum , have just acquired some desert auscam (whitch I'm loving ) so would like to know would an L119A1 be ok or would it need to be an M4 with bells and whistles for an early conflict loadout ? Cheers .
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