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  1. Cheers, i've got all the pieces, just need to assemble it, which will be in April when im back in the uk.
  2. I've got the barrel ext, the WE M4 barrel is in 2 parts and i've also got the reinforced front sight.
  3. Im currently in the process of building a GBBR L119a1 on a WE M4 base. I may or may not keep it, it will all depend on how i leave my current job, if its by redundancy i will keep the gun, however if I leave by resigning im going to have to sell it. What i would like to know, what would be the most sellable gun, a 10in barrel or a 16" barrel? Im happy playing with both barrel lengths.
  4. Just got a message back from Warlord Tactical, the Wing mounts will be for sale in April
  5. If i can't source a wing mount, i'll just have to go with the more expensive specter option
  6. Not quite the right mount. The propper mount has solid sides.
  7. The reason they issue the LDS is because its already on issue, therefore easier to get hold of if they need a replacement. ACOG's on the whole are gradually being phased out of the Army completely as it was only purchased as a UOR. UKSF bought the ACOG because you can't mount a SUSAT on a Diemaco. Having used both sights i would say the SUSAT is better due to its wider field of view.
  8. Is anyone making a purchase from warrior tactical in the near future as im after a WE Diemaco front sight and am willing to split the cost of postage. And just for Arne, the Spectre ie LDS is legit on the 16" Rifle as i saw them using them in the Falklands.
  9. The Spectre sight needs a DR sight mounted on top to be accurate, IE like the issue LDS
  10. Just looked up the specs for the 300 black out, looks very effective, just a barrel change to do as well! Ideally it would be nice if Diemaco produced the next model with a quick change barrel like the ACR, could solve a lot of problems and be a real money saver in the future!
  11. I completly agree on the speculation issue. The old cold war doctrine of just wounding the enemy is redundant in current theatres, hence the need for a "man stopper", that said we are moving back into contigency ops and need a round that ticks all the boxes, currently the 5.56 is doing the job , so until the US changes calibres the 5.56 is here to stay. Nice to see that UKSF have finally adopted the 7.62 Minimi tho, the 5.56 version is a bit on the weak side.
  12. From what i hear UKSF were looking to upgrade their armoury to something in 7.62. Certainly when i was in NI their preferred weapon was the G3A4K, even though the Diemaco was available then.
  13. What is the sling mount that i should use? ASAP plate or GG&G rear sling loop kit
  14. Does anyone know what flashhider is used on the 16" version? other than the birdcage type
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