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  1. On the verge of packing it all in :-\

  2. Loosing the will to live with M4 gearboxes

  3. **Edit - redundant question - already answered earlier in the thread**
  4. Mongrel MP5 up and running - still need P90 mags/pouches xD

  5. My google fu is weak this night XD thanks kindly both of you - will pop and order in next week all being well
  6. Daft question - where can I get the ACOG riser mount from? I'm probably being daft and not looking properly - any help would be great
  7. Here is my Army R85A1, running far better than it did when I received it Eventually, I will convert it over to an A2 however other projects need finishing first - specifically my M4 rebuild. Internally, I've completely overhauled it. Work so far completed: Disconnected the Blowback system (Bit of a no brainer there!) De-greased the gearbox as it was thick with awful factory grease Replaced the ARMY Piston with a TM Piston and 10mm spacer New M100 Spring - sits at 320fps on the chrono Changed the sector gear for a standard V2 gear Changed the Army motor for a TM EG-700 Removed the de-cocking mechanism (personal choice on this - I found it tricky to get back on right) Changed the ARMY hop unit for a G&G unit and Cold resistant rubber Cleaned the inner barrel out Still suffers from the odd Semi Auto lock-up but I plan to solve this with an AB Mosfet - all being well, that should resolve the lock up issue. I'll be honest, I am not fond of the R.I.S system for the front of the L85 - I'm quite happy to run mine on a 8.4v 2200mah in the foregrip. I'm going to use the ACOG riser so all being well, the eye relief will be much better.
  8. Pondering a bullpup which uses M4 mags - hummM!

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    2. picman165


      Fashion victim I certainly am not - can't stand the PDR and the UAR501? That sounds more interesting :)


    3. picman165


      Looking up the UAR501 - I like it more than the PDR anyday of the week!


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