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  1. I'm running a 1-4x Spectre on mine along with an M600C and Surefire 7.62 QD supressor. Foregrip on mine is an RVG. I might be persuaded to do a better pic of mine tomorrow
  2. "Silly Long Rifle"............nahhh There were a lot of people who lamented the loss of the 7.62 as the primary rifle round as the 5.56mm wouldn't put them down and keep them down. But reverting to 7.62 for certain jobs has been happening for a while now, see the addition of the L129A1. It would be common sense to use something on that chassis so there's compatibility and easier supply chain.
  3. Anzio Company, 1 Lancs lads showing the rifle with the Tan RIS
  4. I wouldn't be surprised to see it in OD when Afghanistan finally stops being an operational area for us
  5. Just in time for the withdrawl from Afghanistan then
  6. I can't see that being adopted by the British Forces. It's more sh*t that can go wrong, remember the KIS principle.......... And Swimmer, that "thumb safety" Glock is a Gen 3 The article Spud linked to is from 2009
  7. Thumb safety on a pistol with a patented safe action trigger safety specially for British Army........................riiiiiiiiiiiiight Glock have also introduced a beavertail back strap for the Gen 4 but there's no thumb safety.
  8. The Gen 4 hasn't been specifically designed for the British Army, it's a natural progression and a modification of the Gen 3 Nor does it have a thumb safety. The Glock has ALWAYS had a steel slide.
  9. 2/14th Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry), 3 RAR Task Group
  10. No, the "jacket" is a replica heat shield.
  11. Jimmy, I see yours and raise you.........
  12. Here's a radical idea ...... Instead of fecking up both ACOG's why not see if your mate will swap his sight for yours.........
  13. Chances are that if you have to make a comment like that then you're 99.9% sure that it is in the wrong place. Either that or you haven't made it clear what you're asking.
  14. It's the one that was on that rifle.........it IS NOT THE ONLY ONE
  15. It is the same one, so better get looking for them then
  16. I was going to say, the GSR uses a different filter
  17. It is reinforced on the 16". The pic I posted earlier is the 10" and that's the non reinforced one.
  18. Oh look.............SFW with Bayonet Lug, so you can all stop chopping them off now Read the spec at the bottom of the page http://www.coltcanada.com/sfw-page.htm F e a t u r e s : 1 - Mid-length cold hammer forged heavy barrel 2 - Flash suppressor 3 - Grenade launcher mounting sleeve 4 - Bayonet lug 5 - TRI-AD 1TM MIL-STD-1913 accessory mount 6 - Special carbine chamber and gas system 7 - Accepts all STANAG magazines 8 - Integrated sight rail (Weaver or Picatinny) 9 - Optional ambidextrous controls 10 - Single or double sided sling loop 11 - Standard 4 position buttstock with no slip rubber butt pad
  19. I think it's possible and am already working on a plan
  20. For reference I sent both a genuine MS2 and a replica and they were both used.
  21. Sometimes it all gets a bit too serious so lightening the mood helps. and I have. I do personally know of one person, serving with "a certain unit" who HAS used an MS2 on their rifle. This I know as I sent it to them when they were last out in theatre.
  22. The guy who knows the guy who used to know a guy who once saw the gates that once were outside a camp where "THEY" might have been said that he's seen them in use
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