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  1. If by KWA RM4 you mean the ERG then yes. I have built a few recently and if you want anything other than a crane stock then you have to go front wired. This can then be a bit of a pain if you want to change upper from say 10" to 16". LiPo's will fit in the RIS I use but you have to tape over the holes in the rail (on the inside) so that you can't see the battery inside the rail.


    I'd replied to your enquiry on the JTac page but it says you've not seen it yet :)

  2. Got my G&P RIS on today. Any tips on how to stop the wobble of the lower section of the rail?


    On the sides of the front disc where the lower part of the RIS slots into, tap lightly with a hammer or other suitable implement to "adjust" the edges of disc into a position which allows it to fully prevent the lower RIS section from wobbling :)


    Or a more simple way is to get some stick on Velcro ™ and place a small piece on the inside of the disc where the lower RIS sits. This will then remove the "slack" and prevent it wobbling

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