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  1. I’ve just completed another build based off the fantastic KWA 2.5 platform.
  2. Post your pics and questions/help relating to the L119A2 weapon system.
  3. Don’t forget to close your thread now it is sold. Thanks

  4. We have a Queries and Errors forum for a reason, use that :) PM's directed at me which are better suited to that forum will be deleted on receipt and not replied to.

  5. Diemaco in use in this Navy Film https://www.facebook.com/royalmarines/posts/1208548999197956
  6. If by KWA RM4 you mean the ERG then yes. I have built a few recently and if you want anything other than a crane stock then you have to go front wired. This can then be a bit of a pain if you want to change upper from say 10" to 16". LiPo's will fit in the RIS I use but you have to tape over the holes in the rail (on the inside) so that you can't see the battery inside the rail. I'd replied to your enquiry on the JTac page but it says you've not seen it yet
  7. Not a British Forces Loadout... Moved :-)
  8. Sounds like he's got the Anti Flash Hood for an S10 and trying to fit it onto an FM or CT12 as their lenses are substantially smaller than an S10.
  9. I don't Mine (the ones I do) are all unique
  10. Heheheh, Calm down, Calm Down It's a work in progress and it's indicated that it's a temporary measure He's already booked in the receivers for engraving when he has time and a window in his playing schedule SMIOK
  11. So now not UKSF discussion, but we have reference pics, lets see if we can get back to UKSF
  12. Surely a cropped pic of just the pistol wouldn't hurt
  13. Black kit with RAV pics are way back in this thread
  14. Is the one we already have not good enough http://www.ukairsoftzone.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/10-modern-sassbs-impressions/
  15. Shame there's no one making them as an off the shelf rifle................... Oh wait......
  16. There are also some which have the std foresight with the bayonet lug still on
  17. Not every C8/SFW/L119A1 or whatever you want to call it uses the reinforced front sight triangle and they most definitely have been used in the field.
  18. On the sides of the front disc where the lower part of the RIS slots into, tap lightly with a hammer or other suitable implement to "adjust" the edges of disc into a position which allows it to fully prevent the lower RIS section from wobbling Or a more simple way is to get some stick on Velcro ™ and place a small piece on the inside of the disc where the lower RIS sits. This will then remove the "slack" and prevent it wobbling
  19. Split and moved. When were Aussies UKSF?
  20. Before we vere off the Weapons thread, TYR triple on my modified TAG Havok and 4 x Bozzer singles on the battle belt.
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