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  1. tan peqs are cool, not seen any black ones. they´re might be out there, tho.. the standard birdcage is cool. newer 16" seem to have the be meyer vortex yes.
  2. Just spray it up... nothing bad will happen.. No need to take it apart. Just make sure you mask the lenses of your optics..
  3. And a DIS goes for around 100 Pounds... a repro frontsight for.. 60 pounds or so?
  4. Folks, the reinforced FS was designed to hold the AG-C/L17A1, which docks in into the bayo lug and ris to get some grip. Not too sensible, chopping it off then eh? Short ones usually have chopped off bayolug if they go with suppressors, as the 10" barrel is simply too short and the suppressor wouldn really mount.. Clear? Warrior, the 10" sfw( or cqb version for the asine ones...) has the bayo lug chopped off. The link to the diemaco page you provided, shows the 16", usually they always had bayo lugs
  5. Yes, Safarilands are used. ISPL Vest come with Safariland Holsters for instance that accomodate space for a flashlight. Hower, yea, a guy who´s with them told me that there are various solutions. Eg, havin the light on a seperate rail that is bolted to the serpa or stored light in a pouch, custom kydex holsters, safarilands. Well, there´s plenty pics of (admitted) marksman rifles that either have peq´s or red dots mounted to the for various reasons... Eg quick target acquisation etc etc.. On the L115A3 they have a seperate rail, that is mounted, where usualy that weird bipod goes. Onto that the NV is mounted.. Hence my question regarding that top rail on the scope..
  6. Tons of pics of SOTG using the ct1... even quite old ones, dating back to east timor i think.. http://img260.images...4106/sotg44.jpg http://h12.abload.de...sotg1544u2i.jpg http://farm4.static...._3db92118fc.jpg http://img261.images...1096/sotg82.jpg http://generalblogge...011/05/sotg.jpg Google it LOL
  7. Crap... Short and Long are SFW´s.. both are stamped L119A1. The Short one happens to be a carbine, as it is its nature... being short... pumba.. if you want a RS recoil pad, drop me a pm..
  8. folks, what motorplate does fit in the guarder fat ar grip?
  9. i bought it that way? as i said.. its a warrior L96 base
  10. @blacknight... yea you think... how about we should loose the "i thinkt" attitude when we dont know... pics: emag in sfw emag in sa80 pm mag in sfw.. @the piccy 3 of them are softers active (more or less in this board) the other one is real, who the white collar dude is i dont know ^^
  11. My take on the L115A3 Warrior based Springer. Can´t be arsed to put a 2k S&B Scope on a now 400 Euro Gunbase... So went with a KA M3 Repro. Has a custom made Suppressor-look-a-like as seen on the L115A3 pics, and that fancy badger ordnance cosine-indicator installed. Gonna get some better pics... cam is lend..
  12. Reinforced Frontsights are used to mount the UGL.. hence they´re reinforced. You dont need that on the short one
  13. I think that logic has a bump^^ this one has the serial 0000301 stamped on the lower and the 301 stamped on the upper. same rifle has the nr. 100 written on the stock.. "stock" number and the serial number are two seperate things. although im no armorer, i´ve seen russians number the parts of the rifles, so that IF a part should get lost/chipped of etc etc. it can be allocated to the gun. the orange numbers are just racknumbers nothing to do with the serial.
  14. Last 3 digits of the SFW´s serial are also stamped onto the upper receiver.
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