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  1. LoL 4x for CQB.. I wonder what they have the lazors for on their gats.. Tried aiming through ACOG with nod´s ? Specter is supposedly used. Personal Pref. Dunno what version though.
  2. Same for the DIS Paint it to have balls! lol
  3. Got a technical question: What would be the right lenght for an innerbarrel for the 10" SFW?
  4. Looks cool. You werent drunk enough to write PE NIS on it or something.. Could be a brilliant idea.. (under certain shady circumstances??)
  5. My b!tch. Gonna get some markings engraved and a new fancy tacticool sling.
  6. Spray it sluggishly. Don´t go "artsy".. Few streaks here and there, and then give it some games.. it´ll use up on its own. Giving it a used look with sandpaper or whatever, just makes it look artificial..
  7. It´s not new actually... been on cannuck c8´s for a while
  8. Eventually this helps: 29 Commando Royal Artillery. Not SAS tho..
  9. Never neglected the use of an M4, but in that certain Pic, its not an M4AP.. To stay ontopic.. latest update of my l115a3 abbomination.. Anti Cant Device on the way..
  10. I thought they use the 215? That thing above is FUGLY!!
  11. m2/m3. havent seen a condom for the m4 yet. m4´s are around tho.
  12. Shitty pic... but you can guess what is is... Need to mod an adapter for the diemaco swivel and redo the innards.. she´s shooting even with safe on... She runs LiFePo4 batteries if that´s of interest..
  13. keymakers or folks who to engravings on sportscups can help you out.
  14. You could try to cover the existing markings with metalputty/metalglue and then engrave it.
  15. S / R / Auto yes. Alternatively: Burn, Plunder, ARRRR!!!!!
  16. Damn! Could be mistaken for the real thing.. leave that sucker as it is!
  17. Sneaky Sneakers with sneaky boomstick.. top notch
  18. Oh lord.. Next thing thats gonna appear on e-gay " RS SAS Diemaco Rack-Labeling Pen"..
  19. The ICS RIS is a problem. And the Receiver has different spec. Apart from that, anything goes onto an ICS.. at least with my V3.
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