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  1. They also have G36´er and what not weird rifles and mod´s.. Not all is issued and infidel says. Who knows..
  2. Thats early 2000 or so. And Kiwis.. they´re weird. And not UKSF..
  3. SF901 was sighted few times. Aswell as the X200/300.
  4. gonna change the fh to the more modern one mike?
  5. No sweat, just pointing the right direction
  6. so youre having 3 guns with the same serial? lol the fire selector markings are wrong, its S, R, AUTO
  7. @ Domppa aye, its a DBAL. The guys used it for a short time, before switching to the peq15.
  8. On some other forum, there´s a sneaky bloke pictured sporting a sig226 with a red dot. (And no.. i´m not gonna post it up here..) Wouldnt make up a mount thats not in use
  9. I´ll gather the refs tonite. However, its more than just trades on the receiver. The SFW also has markings on the Upper, Barrel and Frontsight.
  10. Jeebs, just a heads up: i know its not a diemaco sight... however, take a look at the bayonet lug. Yours has some more triangles right under the barrel openening. The RS one does not have it. You got pics of the Markings of a real one? If not, i can provide some. Would really set it off of the other available ones..
  11. hah remember the pics from the old forums. nice!
  12. Seceret Squirrel SFW´s arent THAT tricked out either.. Sure, they have the 10" barrel and Suppressor, but most still run a standard config. If you spot something gucci, its actually just an anomaly and personal preference... Most still have ACOG´s, Aimpoints with magnifiers are also used, but judging from pics, not as much as ACOGs. What is frequent tho, Magpul BAD Levers. Seen them on alomst every new SFW. Oh yeah, and all are fvcked up looking as hell.
  13. Found another pic of the very same guy, but with a slightly diffrent setup Gat. Appears to be a 10" SFW.
  14. Rail is too short on the LWRC compared to the pictured Gat.
  15. Really? Looks all like an M4ish Gat to me. Specially UKSFish. Old Skewl Stock, FWD Assist, Strac Grip, Surefire Lamp and Silencer.
  16. Well.. if its been pictured, its used... Not issued i guess, but personal preference. However.. i like that Rail the SFW had on that certain pic. Could anyone figure what brand it is?
  17. There´s another one.. Will dig it up tonite. Iceman, if you look closely, you can see that the simon sleeve on the barrel is the new one. The one with a smaller middle ring, unlike the old profile, with the prominent ring. I think they swapped it around 05/06? At least, you cant see the old ones in TFB pics..
  18. Sniperwise the L115a3 is most used atm. And plenty of pics with blades rocking them. Bigger one sure is the 50 cal version. L96 is still used afaik, but it´s a completely different caliber and therefore of a bit different use..
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