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  1. They use a plentyful of lights.. anything surefire really. Main Light is M600

    However, most SFW´s i´ve seen had the 600 with a head similar to this:





    Other lights are 910A, 720V, newer scout models, x200 type torches or older G2.

    Also, Scouts with u94 heads and IR Filters attached.


    But as said.. this is already covered in this thread.


    BTW, what timeframe is your sfw going to cover?

  2. Regarding  paint, should the entire gun be phosphate grey? if so what do you recommend? I was just going to spray the entire barrel/fore sight/flash hider with Wurth heat resistant paint as it has a nice satin finish, the sling plate to be painted with the same. I could spray the DIS as well but I suppose I could just as easily do the entire gun as the gearbox is coming out to downgrade and the inner CQB barrel needs swapped out for a longer one.



    Just the DIS mate. The rest is somewhat right.


    I think the barrel is also in a phosphatish coat. You´ll find some ref in this thread.

  3. Cheers, so if I wanted to use EMAGS I could use the same ACOG TA-31 c/w Top mounted Red Dot that I use on my SA80. If so I'd need to swap the mount I'm currently using for the red dot for a wing mount. 


    TA31 arent that common on sfw´s afaik.


    If I use the DIS would a regular M4 style flash hider be more accurate than the Surefire rep I have fitted?


    Those arent linked necessarily.

    Some CQB´s have a DIS and SF/Supp.

    On current era Jungle Ops you can see DIS and the new 216.

    Or some go with ACOG and birdcage.


    It all depends on the task, company, era etc..


    If you're building an SFW then I've only ever seen them with the older TA01 style ACOGs - and unless you're going for an SFSG/pathfinder build, then yes, the wingmount is typical of all CQB L119A1s I've seen (please bear in mind I don't have any direct knowledge or experience - just a keen interest).


    Older CQB´s only had the ironsight on the ACOG. RD comes later.



    PMag´s seem to be more popular than EMAG´s.

    Also, the regular steel mags still seem to be rocking.

  4. Guys.. the bottom one is an LWRC.. its been confirmed..



    The middle is a L119A1.. their barrels arent DEAD ON 10 Inch.. It´s not 10,5 either.. a bit of the barrel sticks out and also, the Sup. Adapter creates some space.. The Collar of the Suppressor doesnt sit deadflush  on with the frontsight. There is some space between...

    Doesn't look like it, the barrel looks like a 10.5" for a start. Then the sight, magwell grip, pistol grip, stock and sling plate. They are all possible on an SFW, but all of them, leaving no SFW Classic parts? Reckon it's an M4 myself


    Mate, the blades have been pimping their SFW for a while now.. thats nothing new.. the diemaco slingplates are mostly being changed to blackhawk single points and magpul asaps..

    Same with stocks, grips etc.. most run magpul bad levers aswell. There are vanilla SFW´s out there, of course.

    It´s up the guys taste mainly.. and the guy running the pictured gat  ist a gearwhore..


    This thread has like 100 pages... its been documented... loads of times..

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