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  1. Aye, it´s been pictured before in some other pics, but one couldnt see that its such a shite engraving Others only showed three digits and more "elaborated" engraving.
  2. Nice to see the rifles serial scratched (!) onto the upper.
  3. Kit is allright. They had a mixnmatch time. Dont really like the patch cluttering tho.
  4. She´ll have balls if she insists on using "your" L119A1 ^^
  5. They use a plentyful of lights.. anything surefire really. Main Light is M600 However, most SFW´s i´ve seen had the 600 with a head similar to this: Other lights are 910A, 720V, newer scout models, x200 type torches or older G2. Also, Scouts with u94 heads and IR Filters attached. But as said.. this is already covered in this thread. BTW, what timeframe is your sfw going to cover?
  6. Just the DIS mate. The rest is somewhat right. I think the barrel is also in a phosphatish coat. You´ll find some ref in this thread.
  7. If youre keen on going further, you should spray the DIS in a greyish tone. The RS one is covered in a phosphate, similar to the frontsight and slingplate. You can go beyond that, but its all covered in this thread.
  8. TA31 arent that common on sfw´s afaik. Those arent linked necessarily. Some CQB´s have a DIS and SF/Supp. On current era Jungle Ops you can see DIS and the new 216. Or some go with ACOG and birdcage. It all depends on the task, company, era etc.. Older CQB´s only had the ironsight on the ACOG. RD comes later. Mag-wise. PMag´s seem to be more popular than EMAG´s. Also, the regular steel mags still seem to be rocking.
  9. As said, they even sported the ACOG+EOTech Combo. Whatever works. Comp M4 and AP Mag seems to be the more popular Combo. Although some still sport the M2. It´s lighter and not as bulky as the M4.
  10. Screw snipertape http://img.pr0gramm.com/2015/03/16/1f209f1d6c7a9829.webm Tactical Bacon Wraps.
  11. Doesnt make any sense after all ^^ Actually the centre of the suppressor heats up the most.
  12. Mike, you cant just bust someones SAS-Voodoo-Childhood Dreams ^^
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