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  1. Is there any images of SF running crane sticks on their L119a1 I have see images of CTR stocks in use but can't find any with crane stocks. Would save me a few quid but also find the stock a bit more comfatable.
  2. Where did you source the reinforced front sight block? Keith at PTWairsoft is in the process of developing them for ptw. Waiting for first test batch to be cnc milled and anodised. He also makes the barrels as well. Not sure if they will be for genral sale for not but no harm in contactin him.
  3. So this is what I used to own a G&P based L119A1 which I then sold to fund the purchase of a PTW I have now managed to get myself a second used PTW and have started to long road of transforming it into a L119A1 wannabe. Not much done so far basically G&P storm grip fitted, SF Scout light obtained, not sure if they are used but a grip pod fitted. Front RIS is a VLTOR item flash hider and can are Gemtec but will swap out for SF at some point, I have a madbull SF one already but the flash hider just does not look right! Crucially I have on order the correct heavy weight barrel and also the correct reinforced from A sight. Stock and pad will follow at a later date. Also thinking of fitting a ready mag, are these still I use?
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