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  1. MP7 bought today. Just to add all the bit I need to my load out then NVG it is :) finally getting somewhere!!

  2. If this goes wrong he won't have much of a beard left!
  3. It's not 11 it 12" that for sure, it's more like 12.5 or 13" judging up the gap from the rail to FH. Looks about right for a 14.5" carbine length.
  4. Looking good Andy! Can't wait to get my shorted
  5. looking good fella just the Detail to work on.
  6. are those Gen3's on the guy in the back?
  7. cheers mike, you know where I could order one?
  8. Anyone know a brand or something of the MC scarfs the aussi wear?
  9. Hummm I might have to change me loadout to aussi Saves me changing me M4 already Btw the tops are't they Panatac?
  10. From what I've seen, auscam is used by the regs, not the SASR etc. They are Multicam, and I believe there standard issue arms are M4's. The AUG is what the regs use.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpFN21fv18k&feature=related no words needed.
  12. Haha, look at the guy right at the front, he ripped as fook!
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