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  1. can anyone help? I've lost the front sight which I need to finish the 3D new RD mount. If anyone has one handy can they measure it up and let me know the size.
  2. yeah just waiting for the new rear so I can get it measured right.
  3. 3D mount turned up. it's 2mm too high and 2mm too wide but that's been fixed and a new one is at the printers now.
  4. If you have some reference pictures of it then PM them to me and I'll sort something out
  5. 3D wing mount turned up. Looks ok and doesn't seem to be too fragile.
  6. naa it's one of the knock off dis's which are glossy. i really need to matt it up
  7. Something a bit different from the usual L119A1's
  8. G&P which a little rattle but nothing too major.
  9. Cheers pal. It's a G&P PEQ2 so the red laser works as well. oh and if anyone wants their silencer to fit on their flash hider then drop Kermit a PM as he might be able to sort it out for you. He did for me
  10. these versions have horrible trades but there are untraded versions if you shop around. http://rsov.com/product.php?langId=1&currencyId=1&manufacturerId=10&prodId=17560&cateId=0 http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/p26399/5KU-SOCOM-556-AR-QD-Silencer-for-AEG-%28CCW%29-Black/product_info.html
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