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  1. fixed my logo issue on the cad model, hopefully it will be machined tomorrow. so i will update you all with how it goes.
  2. Yeah I got that, I just got to fiddle it a bit becaus the cad program doesnt want to cut into the body with that shape because it intersects itself in the centre, I just dont know what's on the other side.
  3. can anyone tell me what trades are supposed to be on the right hand side of the lower receiver or a picture would be great as im trying to get mine machined at work but have only ever seen one side of the receiver. this is what i have so far, the logos a bit of a pain in the ass because the software doesn't like the intersecting point in the middle.
  4. Have you had to mod the gl at all to fire those?
  5. good start, obviously big issue is the new 95s, get a pair of old lightweights or tropics and and old smock, should easily be found in your local surplus store, for relatively cheap,
  6. i believe its the 6" one you want, not the 6.75" and i think this is the right one http://www.surefire.com/FA556SA-Suppressor your link is to the Mg one as you have stated rather than a rifle/carbine one, which is why
  7. is there an old styleyeti or are the new one the same style
  8. Cheers the boots are asolo something or other, Im thinking of getting a radio instead of a bergan so atm the pack is a stop-gap because it looks the part even though they ditched them. Any idea what sort of hicking gaiters, is there a millitary pair they would have used?
  9. my falklands sas kit so far kit list of the top of my head: m16vn 58 webbing - minus the kidney pouches with alice canteen and two alice mag pouches and butt pack with some white dulux added insulated smock not sure exactly what they are but heavy duty insulated combat trousers ww2 us gaiters dont look at the boots balaclava suggestions welcome
  10. sweet and i take it the phone and headset
  11. what setup would the 351 most likely be in?, carry frame, whip arial ?
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