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  1. Found this pic, could someone please id what jacket the bloke to the left is wearing?
  2. Could someone judge if its the enhanced or normal commando chest rig?
  3. Are there any reference pics of Aussie sf using the VM chest rig?
  4. Even said in one article that it will replace the standard issued c8 rifle in the future
  5. http://www.eliteukforces.info/uk-military-news/220313-UKSF-Want-Ammo-Upgrade.php, interesting
  6. How does the boys normaly use the 417? Do they move around with the L119a1 guys clearing compounds? Or do they stay behind on some kind of highground? Also are they mainly used with bipods or grips?
  7. thx Do you have any ref pics or is it just in your knowledge
  8. http://www.platatac.com/molle/platatac-vm-rig/w1/i1500180_1024373/, anyone seen these in use or knows if they are used by Aussies kiwis or UKSF?
  9. Sadly have to post this pic, but could anyone tell what jacket this is? RIP
  10. got these 4, but is any of them SASR or is it Aussi commandos?
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-16123415, 1:16 anyone can Id what vest that is?
  12. Thinking of making a SAS recce loadout and currently looking for a jacket, as I read on this thread, platatac seems to be very popular so I found these 2 http://www.platatac.com/mid-layer/plat-a-tac-multicam-smock/w1/i1274484_1024440/,http://www.platatac.com/shell/platatac-tmcj-mkii/w1/i1392499_1024441/. Which one would be best? Does any of these work aswell if Im later changing to a UKSF loadout?
  13. Is the S&B short dots used only on the Hk 417 or are they used on L119 aswell?
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