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  1. I've seen lots of weapons in the armoury even a duschka but that didn't mean to say they get issued and use it lol
  2. Some lads don't like the rubber butt pads on the weapons due to them falling off lol the ones that do have them though have to zip-tie them on
  3. Nice shooter! I like the fact you have both short and long uppers for your weapon. And some people in the squadrons have them butt stocks I think the make is "LMT" there a really good stock for the cheek weld compared to normal ones and ctr stocks. Mike I've text you ref the lights
  4. sans are awesome night sights or could have been a magnum sight but there like a telescope (fluffin massive!)
  5. most probably a SATI. was it tan coloured?
  6. and have done for past two years lol
  7. The spectre sights are in use in some companies within the Royal Marines and BPT (BPT use c8's too). sbs don't use them as the're turbo shit compared to an acog no to mention heavy as f*#k!!! The sight that Is on trial is the luepold HAMR sight with the red dot sight on top, it's been trialled for some time now though!
  8. Shooting people in the face :D

  9. That picture is definitely a 417! the new c8 wasn't even getting trialled back when this was taken.
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