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  1. Yes, that`s the one (Guarder). Warlord prices are not too bad, though the shipping is quite steep. Great quality though. Warlord ships worldwide. Perr-mike has two suppressors on ebay at the moment, 65 pounds each. Though you may get them for a little less if you contact him here, or on Facebook. Both suppressors with cw threads (for G&P and Systema). http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Airsoft-c8-L119A1-Diemaco-SF556-Style-Barrel-Ext-CW-Thread-UKSF-SAS-SBS-PTW-/331696066661?hash=item4d3aa05065:g:1xsAAOSw~bFWNJjZ
  2. Buttpad: Try "Warlord Tactical" on Facebook. Before Warlord came along, the buttpad from Guarder was most commonly used. Suppressors: Get a perr_mike custom suppressor (You`ll have to search forums/ebay to find one). They come with both positive and negative threads. There is also the Madbull version, and some Chinese knock offs too. Both come with the clip on/off function. But the flashhiders are terrible, and the trademarks are way off.
  3. The Asap one. Or you can dremel a bit on a Warlord gbb plate.
  4. @Darkmikey22. That GPMG looks fantastic! Well done!
  5. I know the aimpoint/magnifier combo is used for the 10" Diemaco. But how about the 16"? Is the same combo used, or is it still the acog for the 16"?
  6. Did not do it myself. But don`t think my tech had to put in too much effort.
  7. I`ve used the GBB plate from Warlord. Dremel needed....
  8. I`ll be very surprised if it does not fit.
  9. Finally an easy solution for those of us using a Marui ebb as a base for our builds. http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/pro-arms-l119a1-aluminum-outer-barrel-for-marui-next-gen-m4-m16-aeg.html#.VBPkA0vD1x0
  10. G&P is good to go. The motor used to be a weak point a few years back. But quite possible that it is sorted now. I`ve had several G&P based Diemacos.
  11. Looks a bit like the Gen.3 version of the Minimi. Brit version???? Could the "diemacoided" part be attachment for the previously mentioned Surefire suppressor?
  12. Me like! I really think you should change the stock. But you`ve explained why you prefer it, so no problems Where did you get the engravings done? Would love to do something similar with one of my builds.
  13. My baby is back from the doctor. Based on a Marui ebb, with full Prommy internal upgrades Perr_mike silencer….
  14. Interesting, nice info. Any airsoft replica that comes close? Checked the H&K site, but could not find anything revolver like in the 40 mm section.
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