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  1. Hi guys...quick question...can i use a 7.4v LiPo in an ICS L85A2 without beefing up the wiring and motor? ICS turbo 3000 motor is pretty good but i dont wanna wreck the wiring...any thoughts?
  2. hear is my attempt. ICS L85A2 1x32 ACOG Hornbill ACOG riser Grippod Tanio Koba Twist Barrel Is it tacky to get a custom paint job?...Nuffin too crazy, just a faded DPM or Multicam.
  3. Thanks. I play at the UCAP BUNKER an it's dark as hell in there so I really do need a Tac light.
  4. Iv got an ICS l85A2 with the standard front. Can I get the railed front seperately and replace my standard front. Or can I buy rail mounts that fit to the standard front.
  5. Ics L85A2 provlems I have a very low Fps on my L85. The range is ok but the min fps should be around 330 on the lowest setting but I'm getting below 300 on the highest setting. How do I fix this really annoying problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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