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  1. ah sorry. thought you meant acog on its own. acog plus eotech is interesting. i'll try it. alternitively, as you said, comp4 and ap mag will be the best route. Although some still sport the M2. It´s lighter and not as bulky as the M4 cheers.
  2. yea thanks, because i didnt think about that....... i was actually wandering if they were used with the aimpoint magnifier (if it fits) or if they just used an eotech one? if its the latter, ill probably pick up an aimpoint comp 4 clone and magnifier instead of using the eotech.
  3. anyone know what type of magnifier is used with an eotech 552?
  4. G&P do a C8 body with the Diemaco "D". I don't think anyone has made an AEG "L119A1" body in a while. Ebairsoft.com do a DBOYS blank receiver which will probably fit a G&P gearbox.
  5. cheers guys, peq boxes are doing my head in.
  6. can someone advise me what size lipo batteries can fit inside the RIS please, cheers.
  7. lol my bad, still very much a nice little find. i like the build in strap cutter.
  8. hey rollingthunder, is that the correct size silencer or does it need to be cut down? cheers
  9. Hey guys, How do u go about ordering from warlord tactical?
  10. just did a search, its made by a company called crusader, but WGCshop are out of stock
  11. Looks like a shotgun, maybe a Remington 870. would have thought they'd use the 870 with a black hand guard. also, any ideas on the stock, Im guessing this would be the top folding type?
  12. What weapon is the guy on the right holding?
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