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  1. Contact Warrior for all things Admin please.

  2. You mean? http://www.ukairsoftzone.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/11164-ac-900-ct-sf-helmet-medium-pre-pcs/
  3. Thread cleaned/abusive post removed - won't happen again. As per the SAS/SBS thread. Abuse it and it get's locked.
  4. So that'll be retailing on the forum then?
  5. Classifieds section is there for a reason.
  6. If the webshite it's hosted on annoys others as much as it annoys me with it's pop up's no one will bother looking.
  7. Guests Please be aware that the current view you have of the forum is restricted and is just a snippet of what's available. In order to make full use of the community and the wealth of information within, we require you to create and fully validate an account. Once this is done, these restrictions will be lifted and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of full access. This has been done to ensure that the forum runs quicker for full members and encourages members to participate in discussions and contribution to the knowledge and information contained on the forum. Validating Members Similar to the above, you too have limited access to the forum but not as restricted as Guests. Once you have fully validated your account, you will have full access to the forum. For validation questions please email us @ admin@ukairsoftzone.co.uk. DO NOT create duplicate accounts. Be advised, that if within 1 month of registering you do not validate your account or contact us in the event of any problems, we will delete your account. Spam accounts Between us and IPB, we run a very tight process to eliminate Spammers. If your account has been marked as Spam you will not have access to the forum and your account will be banned. If you believe your account has been incorrectly marked as Spam, please contact us @ admin@ukairsoftzone.co.uk For general enquiries, please email us @ admin@ukairsoftzone.co.uk We've even been kind enough to add the Subject line for you in the above email links. Thanks
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