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  1. Sorry I can't re-read the whole thread but are vortex FH still used? It's for the long one.
  2. No worries mate it isn't my first rodeo to use an americanism! I've built a L119A1 before but it was an AEG and had the Diemaco traded G&P body, which made life easier. Ive already invested heavily in the WE GBB platform so money is on the low side and lasering was cheaper than engraving. As much as we'd all love to see perfect L119 replicas not everyone has the budget to do so and you must also allow for a certain amount of creative differences due to so many types in use. As long as the basics are there and the owner is happy with their build then what is there to complain about? If someone stuck a photo of a bog standard M4A1 up in here then i could see that being an issue though
  3. Still wouldn't be right though as I'd know it was a filler and as warrior said; They're a WIP. When I have the money any inaccuracies will be corrected but for now I'm happy with them.
  4. Three? There's only two there and unfortunately yes; The serial numbers are the same. As the safe semi and auto had already been engraved I couldn't really get the correct S,R and auto in it's place without having to grind it down and then repaint it. If I'd fine down that route I'd have got proper engraving.
  5. Getting there. Once they are completed I'll post photos of them in their entirety.
  6. Madbull do a CW to CCW adaptor if that helps mate.
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