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  1. My DTW upto now just need to sort out a smaller mosfet in the tube so i can get rid of the stock
  2. would love to know a price as i would get a couple
  3. all painted and finished, both long and short uppers
  4. Went and completed the UGL mod for the L119
  5. Unsure ref the above CQB style optics I have moved the GPS from the scope to the butt
  6. yep, i marked the thread where i wanted to cut it and put the barrel in a vice lining up the mark with the edge of jaws for the vice giving me a straight edge, then gave it a light file around the edge and fitted the flash hider. When i cut the flash hider i did the same with the vice, giving me a nice edge
  7. Trimmed the flash hider and barrel, so it take out the gap that was between the suppressor and front sight, am happy now
  8. not sure yet as there seems to be a mix of old and new flash hiders being used at the min
  9. Just need an a2 cocking handle and this one is done
  10. This is where my battery goes in my AA L85. No issues with what size battery fits in the ris. I ise a 7.4v 1800 in the lower .
  11. worked like a charm on sunday mate, range is amazing on it . and that sight is clear and the best sight i have used
  12. all finished, thanks to for the advice and to a certain member who boxed me off with parts
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