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  1. Still can't send you PM's for some reason. What's your PayPal address anyway and I'll send my postal address with the payment

    1. koby


      matthew.kobylarz@hotmail.com Cheers, its fully clear now, so try anyway!

  2. Hey mate, I think your inbox is full, I can't send you any PM's. I've got an offer for your CIRAS

  3. Oh I do hope so! Gives me an excuse to buy one!
  4. Can anyone 'in the know' shed any light on this? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2294631/SAS-use-bigger-bullets-kill-enemy-outright-claiming-shoot-wound-policy-lives-risk.html Using a 7.62 rifle seems likely however, (with no evidence to support this!), I reckon the SCAR-H isn't going to be the one!
  5. Yeah, it's a Hurricane HK M4D receiver, don't really understand why they decided to omit the dust cover! And it's too tight a fit for a fake bolt! Woe is me!
  6. It was milliputted in situ! I don't even know if it'll come off, might need a new out barrel and front sight!
  7. Yep that was exactly where mine sat. Except I used an 11.1v
  8. It was the second 11.1v in this link: http://www.component-shop.co.uk/html/airsoft_li-po.html Ran one of those exact ones in mine without issue. Plus, on the G&G if you shorten the wires and remove the fuse then the battery sits in the lower receiver under the safety switch mech as if it was designed for it. Means you can run a DD front end cleanly without a mass of wires and stupidly tiny LiPo's in the RIS. Another nice little bonus is that the above setup means that the upper and lower recievers are not connected by wires which means that stripping is an absolute dream. Why did I ever get rid of mine?!?
  9. Druid - I ran my old G&G L85 on 11.1v LiPo's for two years without incident. Didn't replace a single part
  10. Couple of pics of my L119a1 as it currently is. Unfortunately it's the incorrect body at the moment although its as close as its ever been now!
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